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Oct 24, 2008 08:50 PM

Need Cool Wine Bar Atmosphere Near Moscone

Opposite post from cool dive bar. Have client and need to do the "drink" thing. Woud prefer not to get killed at the hotel bar with pricing. Not so much into the yuppie thing, but something along those lines. Cab ride ok

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    1. I prefer Hotel Biron in the alley behind Zuni, look for a sign with a B on it. No Hotel just wine and some app.s

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      1. re: trespinero

        I love Hotel Biron too, but I don't know if I'd take a client there unless I knew him/her on a more social level. Maybe I'm a prude, but HB strikes me as the kind of place I'd get to know a date, not a client.

        Cav and TWO probably project a more professional vibe, especially if the OP wants "not too yuppie but along those lines..."

        Is Press Club open yet? That would be very close to Moscone Center.

      2. It's been about 18 months since I've been into either, but the two places
        I'd take people for the "drink thing" near there were the bar at Shanghai 1930
        and the Cosmopolitan Lounge. They're decent midweek and weekends but
        don't even think about bothering on Thursday or especially Friday evening.
        It's yuppies up the wazoo then.

        Shanghai 1930 Restaurant
        133 Steuart Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

        Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Bar
        121 Spear St., San Francisco, CA 94105

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        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          I would say most wine bars would be yuppie-ish. There are several places near the ballpark - District and South on Townsend and Bacar on Brannan. There's also a lounge area at Azie on Folsom, a block down from Moscone.

          1. re: Jay H

            I second these recs for business dinner. District is good on a weekday and has a lovely winebar (huge horseshoe) but the high tables around it can feel tight and crowded. Wouldn't order the mini pizzas. Atmosphere is creative businessy.

            South is Aussie/Kiwi, and more restaurantish than District. It's a sit down kind of place.

            I totally think Cav is great and apparently they just lowered the prices on food to $20 and under for all entrees, or so I hear.

          1. re: michparent

            Terrior is a great and fun wine bar where I have spent many educational and interesting hours, but.....

            1) it is hardly the opposite of a cool dive bar, 2) it isn't the place to take a client for a drink, and 3) it not not even a little bit along "yuppie" lines.

          2. press club has a good looking space and would be interesting for an out of towner. check the hours though and see if they work for your schedule

            Press Club SF
            20 Yerba Buena lane, San Francisco, CA