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Oct 24, 2008 07:44 PM

Off-site storage during transition?

We're moving soon from east coast to midwest. I have quite the collection to store. The transition is going to be slow, so we're going to make a few different spot moves; especially as we see what happens with markets - both real estate and otherwise.

For our collection (quite large), I need to find a place in Missouri. Of all places possible, the only place I have already cancelled out is storagemart due to a few difficulties some friends have had, including impossibly bad climate control, etc.

Does anyone else have any other ideas? We're going to slim it down some as we'll have a transition house and will have a few bottles there as well as our NOVA house. Still, I'd like to store most of the collection in one place for a year most likely.


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  1. When we moved from CO to AZ, I had the same problem. My wife negotiated a wine shipper to package my cellar and have it stored in Phoenix at 55° F for about 12 months, by the relo group. Before our year was out, I had completed my cellar in AZ and at 3:00AM a refer truck pulled up. We moved 125 cases down the mountainside and I built a matrix of cases (styro-shippers) in my family room. I had run the AC for four days at max. Then, over the next several hours, I moved 6 cases at a time into the cellar to put into the racking. That was all that would fit, along with me, into the space.

    I cannot recall the wine shipper, who cataloged and packaged me in CO, but the receiver in AZ was Sun Devil Liquors & Wine.

    Everything went very well. Luckily, we were the only folk living on the mountain back then, as a refer truck on the street at 3:00AM would have my neighbors shooting at me now.

    If you are using a relo group, you might want to check with them, as they probably have ready resources, that "normal" folk might not.

    In MO, you might want to contact the Brown Derby and inquire with them. IIRC, they are in St Louis, MO.

    Trust me, you'll never "slim down" as much as you, and your friends think. I tried that. I had my entire ski team over. Then my tennis team. Then my rowdy wino buds. We did not make a dint, though we tried. I even donated a few cases to one of our charities for their auction, but to no avail.

    Good luck,


    1. Why not move them to NOVA and look for a place there? I would imagine you would have more opportunities closer to a big city to store wine properly.

      Not sure what your $$ I but I would call Wegman's wine Dept and ask where their collector's store their wine.

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        If you use a transporter like Western Carriers they can store the wine for you in their storage facility (millions of bottles in storage.) The access might be limited; if you are looking for more accessibility I know there are professional facilities in St Louis, not sure about other area in Missouri.

      2. Thanks everyone for the input. Chickstein - I guess I'm thinking that since we're going to MO, that I'd move them there. I'm also hoping it's cheaper than the DC area. But, you have a point if I don't find something I feel comfortable with.

        Bill and lmnelson, I'll check out the recs.