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Oct 24, 2008 07:26 PM

Sprigs in Acton

I just noticed that there is a new restaraunt called Sprigs in Acton where 5 Strawberry Hill used to be. Anybody dared to try it out yet? If so, reviews?

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  1. If you check Verrill Farm's blog, there is info on an upcoming VF benefit dinner to be held there. Anyone interested in the restaurant could do a good deed by trying it out then.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've driven by it but haven't tried it yet. I did go to the previous restaurant that was there and thought it was overpriced and not especially good. Therefore I'm reluctant to try it and the menu on their web site isn't very appealing to me.

        1. Haven't been yet - I agree about the predecessor (No. 5 Strawberry Hill) being mediocre for the price (and very trad French with too much cream and butter, etc.). But I'm excited about the possibility that this will be good (the desperation of one living in the Culinary Wasteland). We'll be trying it out Nov 7 - a bit of a birthday/election celebration (I hope!). Will report back, and especially about the vegetarian-friendliness of the place.

          1. Awful, Worse than it was when it was 5 Strawberry hill. We gave it a shot as we thought it might be different with "New Owners". Its close by and its a nice setting. Slow service, overpriced, never made it to the entree it took to long. 1.5 hours for seared scallops, a salad and a bowl of pasta for our young son.
            We will never return, even if the name changes for the 4th time.
            DON'T BOTHER!!

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              From the Globe yesterday. I must say that it caught my eye and I added it to our "to try "list. Now not so sure.