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Oct 24, 2008 07:19 PM

best buffalo wings in/near White Plains?

If I end up with one more nasty plate of Chicken Wings in White Plains, I might just have to drive myself to Buffalo to get the real thing.

Crispy, flavorful, meaty...where can I find those in the White Plains area?



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  1. Candlelight in Scarsdale fits the bill! Their wings are great. Search this board for more opinions. Usually a wait though-- it's tiny.

    1. I would also try the wings at Elements on Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains...they are unique, not pre-packaged and quite good along with other surprises found on this menu...

      1. Lazy Boy Saloon
        Sometimes they're small...but almost always good (Ask for a beer sampler while you're at it)
        Interesting flavors available as well...for the non-traditionalist.

        1. Candlelight, hands down!! Go as soon as possible.

          1. another vote for Candlelight! The "hot" suits most people just fine, but ask for a side of Chernobyl sauce.

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              Candlelight gets my vote too, but the Beechmont Inn (reported closed but it's not) on North Ave. in New Rochelle also has good wings.

              1. re: dolores

                Dolores, I've valued your insights into many places, but I have to ask. When was the last time you had wings from the Candlelight? I had them about 2 hours ago and they were horrible. I ordered hot and they were the mildest wings I've ever tasted. They were soggy and the chciken tasted like rubber. The sauce had absolutely no flavor and as I stated was very mild. The worst part was the tiny amount of blue cheese they gave me was a good thing. It was terrible. I would have rather had blue cheese salad dressing to dip it in. If I had beenblindfolded I would have been hard pressed to identify it.