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best buffalo wings in/near White Plains?

If I end up with one more nasty plate of Chicken Wings in White Plains, I might just have to drive myself to Buffalo to get the real thing.

Crispy, flavorful, meaty...where can I find those in the White Plains area?



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  1. Candlelight in Scarsdale fits the bill! Their wings are great. Search this board for more opinions. Usually a wait though-- it's tiny.

    1. I would also try the wings at Elements on Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains...they are unique, not pre-packaged and quite good along with other surprises found on this menu...

      1. Lazy Boy Saloon
        Sometimes they're small...but almost always good (Ask for a beer sampler while you're at it)
        Interesting flavors available as well...for the non-traditionalist.

        1. Candlelight, hands down!! Go as soon as possible.

          1. another vote for Candlelight! The "hot" suits most people just fine, but ask for a side of Chernobyl sauce.

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              Candlelight gets my vote too, but the Beechmont Inn (reported closed but it's not) on North Ave. in New Rochelle also has good wings.

              1. re: dolores

                Dolores, I've valued your insights into many places, but I have to ask. When was the last time you had wings from the Candlelight? I had them about 2 hours ago and they were horrible. I ordered hot and they were the mildest wings I've ever tasted. They were soggy and the chciken tasted like rubber. The sauce had absolutely no flavor and as I stated was very mild. The worst part was the tiny amount of blue cheese they gave me was a good thing. It was terrible. I would have rather had blue cheese salad dressing to dip it in. If I had beenblindfolded I would have been hard pressed to identify it.

            2. I'm going to throw in another vote for Candlelight and mention that if you're lucky and get through on the phone line, you can put in a to-go order. Otherwise be prepared to wait awhile for a table. Totally the best wings in Westchester though.

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                Candlelight. their wings are great but they are not crispy........

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                  Uncle Henry's on Halstead Ave in Harrison has great wings. Great burger as well.

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                    I also vote for Uncle henry's! They have a few different sauces to choose from (one being an original style buffalo) and they also come in 4 heats. The hottest are EXTREMELY hot!

              2. so dam hot in valhalla still makes them to order (you wait) but they are the way they should be,there are some old posts about them here, but changed owners otherwise no change that i can tell

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                  I agree with you about So Damm Hot. Sometimes the small, little, hole in the wall type places are just the best little gems one can find.

                  The now closed Donut place next door had great stuff.

                2. As a college student 30 years ago, I professionally cooked wings in Buffalo. Candlelight Inn is one of the closest to Buffalo-worthy around the White Plains area. I do find, however, that a lot of places can have their so so wings improved just by asking for them cooked well done and hot (spicy). Dunnes Pub in White Plains are good if you ask for them this way. The Blazer Pub in Purdy's (just north of Goldens Bridge) are very good.

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                    Candlelight is good, but can't live up to all the hyperbole thrown around by its fans. In White Plains, I like the Thai peanut wings at Bob Hylands the best. Element's chile wings have a good sauce, but suffer from the same old ice glazed, pumped-with-salt-solution problems as most bar wings. Lazy boy's are okay but small.

                    The REAL question is when is Westchester getting a KyoChon or similar Korean wing joint? Those are the best wings on earth.(hyperbole intended)

                    1. re: Wizzapizza

                      Wow, I didn't know that anyone did Thai peanut wings in Westchester -- they're big in Albany (at least they are at the two restaurants I ate at up there). I'll have to check it out when I am in the WP area at lunchtime, maybe I can get an order to go. I never even heard of that Bob Hylands place -- and I had jury duty in WP last year and asked for recommendations.

                  2. I just had the wings at the Taphoue in Tuckahoe last weekend...WOW....excellent!!!

                    Crispy and the sauce is very very nice....not crazy spicy but tangy and tasty sauce!

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                      This is what they are serving these days, (Taphouse), it was only a matter of time...just another bar.....what's next, fried calamari and potato skins. My vote is for the Candlelight.

                      1. re: wonka

                        No its definitly still better than just another bar. But they do have wings!

                    2. Candlelight in Scarsdale has THE best Buffalo wings in the area. I went to college in Buffalo and these are authentic. Ask for them well done. I prefer the medium which is spicy. The hot is definitely HOT!

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                        Haven't been to the Candleight in years but if the wings are still as good as they used to be, it will be worth a trip back.

                      2. Candlelight is the place to go for wings!!! My husband claims to be an expert on Buffalo wings and when he tried his first Candlelight wing, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He was in heaven! ;)

                        1. Don't believe the hype on the Candelight. About 10-15 years ago the wings were excellent, but now that every place under the sun makes them, the candlelight has become just average. I remember one Superbowl party we ordered 100 wings from the Candlelight and someone else showed up with 100 from Rockwell's in Tuckahoe. The host didn't tell anyone which one was which. The Rockwell's wings were empty, the Candelight was half full.

                          To be honest, the last time I was there was last summer and I would put about ten places above them. I won't name names, becasue everyone will just bash my suggestions. Unless you like wings where the sauce is hot, but not necesssarily flavorful and the chicken has no taste at all, then skip the Candlelight.

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                          1. re: jhopp217

                            I too was disappointed in them. Only had them once and they weren't crispy which really turns me off. DH liked them a lot although I believe he bought into the hype and was prepared to love them no matter what. I'd like to do a blind taste test on him and see if he still raves. He does like the ones at Lazy Boy a lot and I'd have to say those wings are better although we've tried other flavors there and not the buffalo. May have to give Rockwell's a try.

                            1. re: laylag

                              Yeah Candlelight has been iffy lately. There wings are sometimes meaty, juicy, crispy on the outside, and perfect. However, lately, when their bad, their like bad.... Theres barely any meat on them and there like shriveled, kinda like when you reheat them in the microwave!

                              1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                                Ughhh, I hope they get their act together by Sunday!! We ordered wings (and waffle fries :) for the Superbowl and I am reallllllly looking forward to them... hope I can report back that they were good.

                            2. re: jhopp217

                              I am interested in your thoughts.
                              So please do post them.

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                                I really liked Candelight every time I've been (which has only been 3 or 4 times), but I'm not going to say "They're the best, no place can be better!", so I'm interested to hear what places you'd rank above them as well, so I can try them!

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                                  The whole point of this board is to name names, jhopp! SHARE!

                                  1. re: surman

                                    Surman I get criticized for talking too much about my local joints. But I honestly think the wings at Piper's Kilt, Joe's Quarry Inn, Rockwell's in Pelham, Ribs on the Run, even East Bamboo has better Chicken Wings than Candlelight. I used to like the wings at Lazy Boy, but they weren't that good the last time. I only had them once, but the Eastchester Oddysey Diner actually had really good wings last year. Rye Roadhouse had good wings when it was just The Roadhouse, haven't tried them at the new place, I'll let you know next week. Honestly, most of the bar/restaurants in White Plains have very average wings. I gotta admit, I like wings, but don't order them very often. I much prefer buffalo chicken on a sandwich than the wings.

                                    1. re: jhopp217

                                      Thank you for the rundown; looking forward to your report on the revised Roadhouse -- I haven't been there in a long time either.

                                      Must disagree on the sandwich preference, though. Wings, cooked on the bone with skin and fat attached are a superior chow experience!

                                2. This just came out in Westchester Magazine:
                                  Winging It
                                  Where to shuffle off for Buffalo wings

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                                    It had all the usual suspects. The only places I've been to from the list are Lazy Boy, Candlelight and Sherwoods. The order I listed them in would be my order for ranking them from this list. Sherwoods wings (which I will admit to trying every time I go there) are horrible. Last time I was there, they were the tiny and dry with a very sad sauce. Candelight aren't terrible, but the chicken never really has a taste. Lazy Boy, like other posters have stated are a crapshoot, and if I remember correctly don't seem to be fried.

                                    I'll take my local Piper's Kilt wings over any of these three. I have also had some good wings at the Eastchester Inn in Eastchester. Rockwell's in Pelham has good wings, but for whatever reason they never live up to the one's that were served in the Tuckahoe Rockwell's which were IMO the best in Westchester. Ribs on the Run has some good wings, but I wouldn't classify them as great, and they aren't really a restaurant.

                                    I guess sooner or later it's time for a trip to the Anchor Bar to see what the original is all about!

                                    1. re: jhopp217

                                      What happened to your top ten list?

                                  2. My son swears by the wings at Gus's Franklin Park in Harrison. He had them again last night.

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                                      Deer Park in Katonah has great wings...though, it's certainly not a bar atmosphere and the food is a bit pricey