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Oct 24, 2008 06:03 PM

Freeze-dried/dehydrated fruit and vegetables, where to buy retail?

Is there any place in LA that handles freeze-dried or dehydrated foods? I know about the surplus places and camping stores, but looking for some place with larger quantities. Prefer #300 or #10 type cans but other packaging for storage would work. Any thoughts? Any "survivalist" type place out there I don't know about?


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  1. Have you tried Trader Joe's? For larger quantities, Costco and BJ's have dried fruits, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc

    1. Whole Foods -- Just Veggies, Just Peaches, etc. Not sure if you'll like the packaging though.

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        the "Just Veggies" and "Just Fruits," while great products, are *obscenely* expensive for someone who wants to buy a large quantity.

      2. If you are willing to try an online seller, NutsOnline.com has a great selection and awesome customer service.


        Their dried raspberries are da bomb.

        1. The Fruit Farm
          6333 W 3rd St
          Los Angeles, CA 90036
          (323) 936-6363

          Farm Boy carries some.

          Also, Yogurt Farm on 5662 E. 2nd St., (562) 856-8888

          Check out Torn and Glasser http://www.tornandglasser.com/

          1. You don't say which survival-type places you do know about. I've seen large cans of stuff at Majors in Gardena, but did not look closely to see what they contained. I see that the website does not mention those cans, but the stock at Majors does change. You will have to call them.


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              Thanks, all, for the suggestions. Torn and Glasser - great idea, did not think of them. The surplus-type places I know are mredepot, Major Surplus, the place on Venice and Motor in Culver and the one on Hollywood Blvd. (Sorry, don't remember names!) They all have similar stuff. I'll try some of the other places suggested, but please keep 'em coming.

              "Farm Boy" - location(s)?

              There are lot's on line, but looking for some place local to pick up.