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Oct 24, 2008 06:01 PM

Cita's Revisited (Coconut Grove)

Abysmal, argumentative service, dried out bread and lukewarm entrees. What a disappointment! The desserts were good but I won't be going back any time soon. In this economy, you would think that the servers and management would at least be nice!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I had dinner at Cita's last recently. While I still disagree with the majority of the bashes on this message board (including some barely readable rambling on another post) that are projected at this place, I have to say that my meal last night had a few disappointments.

        We started with apps - mussels, beef carpaccio, and a plate of taleggio, pecorino, prosciutto, and bresaola. The taleggio was a huge hit with my guests who were in town from Ohio, as were the meats on this plate. They took notes to buy these when they returned home. The mussels were also a hit. Some tiny and some very plump mussels cooked perfectly in a nice white wine sauce. The beef carpaccio was also very good and the lemon helped to cleanse the palate as well as relax the stomach for the mains. Oh, I almost forgot... My guests LOVED the popovers! They thought it was a great way to start the meal and that it was a creative alternative to regular old bread. I passed on the popover because Ive had it a few times and had a heavy main on the way.

        For mains we had the grouper, tuna, and I had the risotto di mare special. The grouper was a winner. The tuna was enjoyed by my guest but it was overcooked. The sear cooked about 3/4 of the tuna steak and left it with a chewy pink center. Luckily, my guest likes her tuna any way she can get it so she didnt mind it being a tad overcooked. She also loved the side of eggplant ragu and my other guest agreed it was really good. My main was very disappointing. The risotto di mare was just way overcooked. The lobster tail (FL), shrimp, and clams were all tough and the rice was mushy. It was also way overpowered by the seafood stock that mustve been used for the rice and I couldnt taste any saffron. Im a big risotto fan and this was a big disappointment, especially at $45 (had I asked what the price was beforehand, I probably wouldve passed. My mistake.) This and the tuna were the only lowlights of the meal.

        For dessert, we all shared the vanilla panna cotta with mixed berries and it was a huge hit as usual. They really do this one well. The service was also top notch. The owner's wife and daughter made sure to stop by and ask how the meal was going which was nice and showed they actually care. The bartender was friendly and a little sarcastic but in a funny way. He was attentive too and never let our wine glasses run dry. When I commented that the risotto was a whiff, he mentioned that they had a new chef and he was still working on perfecting some of the recipes. Apparently the old chef was a real hothead and very difficult to work with. Its too bad because up until this visit, my dining experiences at Cita's had been top notch. Hopefully the new chef will hit his stride by the time I return.