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Oct 24, 2008 05:31 PM

Portuguese Chicken in or near Richmond Hill?

Bom dia chicken lovers

I am looking for a great take way joint with the requisite potatoes, rice, etc.

Nando's was a DISSappointment

Thanks in advance for your recommendations



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  1. We love this little takeout place on Major Mac near Keele - Churrasqueira Red Rooster.

    2354 Major MacKenzie Drive West
    Maple, ON L6A 1W2

    It can get quite busy so be prepared to wait. I believe they are closed Mondays.

    1. I've never been but there's a place on Wellington east of Yonge in Aurora. It's in the plaza with Domino's.


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      1. re: Davwud

        I found the place on Wellington to be completely underwhelming.
        Chickens were minute and dried out.

        1. re: garlicandwingnut

          Thanks for the heads up. I keep thinking I should give it a try but something about it made me think it wasn't gonna be much good.


      2. Oh my god you HAVE to go to Red Rooster!!! Family is Portuguese and we've been to quite a few in the city (Bairrada etc...) and we all agree that Red Rooster is the best for Churrasqueira in York Region! Don't be fooled by the other little local restaurants in the neighbourhood (in woodbridge and maple). Most are a joke serving roasted potatoes and piri piri that tastes like vinegar. I've had most of the menu at Red Rooster and have even used it to cater some events. There's not a lot of room to sit (there's only about 6-7 tables) and most of thier business is take-out. Dont' forget the Shrimp Patties - if there's any left!

        And PLEASE - don't go to Nando's and think it's Portuguese. It's like calling MacDonalds a steak house because they serve burgers.

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        1. re: localchowchow

          I went to Nando's for the first time, as I saw some people on here recommended it for a quick lunch.

          I found the chicken tender, but I haven't had a real authentic piri piri chicken so I didn't know what to look for. The fries were spiced with some "piri piri seasoning" which was just WAY too salty. For non-spicy eater (SO) the lemon/herb chicken was a bit hot too, maybe from residue on the grill.
          Will definitely check your recommendation out.

        2. What about Pollo Loco?
          Pollo Loco Churasqueria
          9661 Jane Street
          Maple, Ontario L6A1A1
          Phone: (905) 417-4869

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          1. re: SMan007

            Pollo Loco isn't's Spanish. Foods good - but I was pretty dissapointed when I was expecting Portugues and I walked in and immediately realized my error. If you're looking for a Churrasqueira - you HAVE to go to Red Rooster on Major Mack at Keele. :) Enjoy!

          2. There is a new Churrasqueira on Yonge immediately south of King Rd on the west side. Generous portions, food not bad but the evening wait times were horrible whenever we went. Stopped bothering for now because I don't like waiting for an hour or more for my order. Nice folks though and their chicken is freshly roasted or put on the grill right before your eyes. That's part of their problem of course, they try to time the cooking of the food for the dinner rush and haven't seemed to get it right yet.