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Oct 24, 2008 04:40 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Seattle

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves Thanksgiving dinner? I would prefer more of a traditional menu but if there is a special place that does something unique I would welcome that as well.
I know this may sound strange but after years of doing the home cooking thing my family and I went out last year (we lived in a different city then) and found it all wonderfully enjoyable and less stressful.

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    I did this last year, and honestly it was great (although the lack of left overs the next day was somewhat disappointing.


    I went with Waters Bistro (which is now called something else and I don't know if they're doing Thanksgiving) and it was great, but I wish I'd gotten a spot at Ray's or Kaspars.

    Call soon to get one of those, I know they fill up fast.

    1. I think Cascadia does Thanksgiving dinner.

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          Looks that way...brown paper covering the windows. And their website has been taken down:

      1. Dinette will be open for Thanksgiving this year - they're doing cassoulet as they do every winter, and theirs is my favorite in the city.

        (Fortunately, as I'll be out of town, the cassoulet will be on for a couple of weeks following Thanksgiving as well.)

        1. All the hotel restaurants will be open and usually put in extra effort for holiday meals. I'm thinking specifically of the Georgian Room at the Fairmont or the Hunt Club at the Sorrento for the most traditional.