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Oct 24, 2008 04:24 PM

In Photos: Club 33, or, The "Secret" Restaurant at Disneyland

Recently, I had the rare opportunity to dine at Club 33. Club 33 was built by Walt Disney in order to have a place within Disneyland where he could entertain visiting dignitaries. The Club was completed in May 1967; however Walt was never able to see the fruits of his vision, as he had passed away five months earlier. Today, Club 33 operates as an exclusive private club with a very limited membership (several hundred persons). Membership is available to both individuals and corporations, at a cost of several thousand dollars a year. Even so, there is still a multi-year waiting list to become a member.

The lunch cost $105, and included a choice of entree and access to a nice buffet spread (with an especially nice dessert selection). The three entrees I sampled were:

New York Steak, Curried Banana Ketchup, Kennebec Steak Fries
Alaskan Halibut, Meyer Lemon Risotto, Minted Tabbouleh
Pan Roasted Chicken, Mac & Cheese Croquette, Pickled Sweet Carrot

None were particularly impressive, so food-wise, Club 33 certainly isn't going to be winning any awards. Though certainly not atrocious by any means, the cuisine is rather tired and really only a notch above typical "hotel fare." But if you're focusing on the food, you're missing the point. The point of the Club is the exclusivity, the experience, and by that criterion, Club 33 certainly measures up. I'll definitely be back if I have the chance.

Has anyone else been as of late? I haven't been to Club 33 for dinner; how does that compare to lunch (hopefully the food's a bit better)?

Full review with photos:

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  1. It's been a while, but dinner is a la carte and there is a much wider range of choices for each course, There are more inventive dishes (more along the lines of Napa Rose). The one I particularly remember was a tempura soft shell crab with lavender blossom in the crust, as an example.

    Except for the lobster and crab, the buffet looks similar to the buffet at any of the Disney hotels (although the desserts do look better, there are few Disney desserts that are excellent).

    1. *shakes head* I guess there must be something wrong with me. I don't get paying top dollar for hotel food (and what looks like hotel atmosphere) just because it's "exclusive." Now, if it were at the top of the Matterhorn or Splash Mountain with a panoramic view of the park, that might make it worthwhile, but to me something has to have more going for it than that other people are kept out. It seems like almost by definition a place that charges $105 for lunch would keep out the riffraff.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        The top of the Matterhorn is a basketball (half-)court. If only they had built a little restaurant in there instead...

        The cost of dining at Club 33 is supposed to include VIP parking as well as admission, though I don't know if that's still the case since they expanded. (And I believe the member is only allowed to bring 8 guests.)

        It's a shame if the most exclusive restaurant in Disneyland isn't at least as good as Napa Rose, though since it shares a kitchen with the Blue Bayou, I guess it's somewhat hampered.

        1. re: mrhooks

          It isn't better than Napa Rose, which after all is one of the best restaurants in OC. As others have mentioned the price quoted includes guest's admission to Disneyland, which is pushing $70 at the moment. I always have my parking comped anyhow, so I'm not sure if parking is included, but I assume it is. That's now $12. So the buffet (ayce lobster and crabclaw included, don't forget) is around $35 which doesn't sound that bad to me.

          If you time dinner right, you can watch Fantasmic from the restaurant. And dinner is definitely better than lunch.

          1. re: mlgb

            Yes, I know all that. Technically speaking, cost of admission isn't part of the price tag, otherwise the cost of dining at Club 33 (as a guest of a Club 33 member) would vary depending on whether or not you owned a season pass. (Of course, for members, admission is free as long as one dines at Club 33, so it would be kinda dumb for a Club 33 member also to own a season pass.)

            The point is, Club 33 is the most exclusive restaurant in the Disneyland resort, more exclusive than Napa Rose; it's too bad the food doesn't match that exclusivity. It's like kevin h wrote, the point of Club 33 is the exclusivity itself, which IMHO isn't worth the price of admission (well, maybe once, just to say I've been there). I'd rather spend that money at Napa Rose. And I'd rather watch Fantasmic! from the edge of the lake. ;-)

            1. re: mrhooks

              Not just Disneyland, but Club 33 might be on the most exclusive restaurants in the country.

              1. re: mrhooks

                We didn't have VIP parking, though we parked in the Downtown Disney lot, which was free anyway.

                I agree that the food is clearly no match for Napa Rose's. Let's just say that I wouldn't be going as often as I do, if it were not for the exclusivity factor. I suppose irrationality really is part of human nature. ;)

                1. re: kevin h

                  Very nice post kevin h. The exclusivity factor must be factored along with the fact that alcohol is served inside Club 33, and not served throughout the park. That makes both the park and Club 33 exclusive. I mean think of other parks that have, or have had, beer carts at every turn and the resulting factor of too much drink and not enough excluding....No, your not irational at all. You just like it to be nice, fun and happy.

        2. I was there for brunch once.

          The only thing memorable about going to Club 33 was having to change clothes. After brunch, we all swapped out into shorts and enjoyed the rest of our day at the Happiest Place on Earth ...

          1. 105 a person?!?! If so, then its gone up ALOT!!! I went for lunch about 2 years ago, And it only cost us about $185 for 3 people including tip and drinks. We had chateaubriand and I remember it being delicious.

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            1. re: LisaN

              I have been there once on a corporate account, so I did not see the bill. However, I assume the $105 includes the park admission. So subtract a one day ticket from that amount for the cost of the meal? If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.

              1. re: scottyp34

                you are right...that does include admission to the least it was last time we went....but that was many moons ago

                1. re: scottyp34

                  maybe on a corporate account it is more. It did include admission into both parks, but entrees were only about in the $30-$30 range. I know we didn't pay $105 a person.

                  Just wanted to double check, because I was thinking of asking if our connection could get us in again, but if its $105 each, it may have to wait.

                  1. re: scottyp34

                    I was there with a corporate account as well. It was $105 inclusive of everything, including drink, tax and tip. It came with a Park Hopper pass, which allows you entry into California Adventure as well.

                  2. re: LisaN

                    My first visit was also 2 years ago, and I also had the chateaubriand! I also remember the food being better:

                  3. I have not been to Club 33 in many years and I do not remember the food being particularly memorable though it was where I first tasted caviar (I was 12). But it was a memorable experience ringing the bell, entering through the 'secret' door and seeing the looks of astonishment on the faces of other people walking down the street as we entered the restaurant. I particularly enjoyed the matchbooks with our last name embossed on them though I hear they do not do this anymore. So I don't think it's a place that I would go to eat at on a regular basis, but when I have kids I would definitely like to take them there.

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                    1. re: joshekg

                      If you visit the link, you'll see in the last photo that there aren't match books any more, but there are match boxes. No embossing though: