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Ogunquit, Maine

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We are going to Ogunquit for a few days next week and are thinking of eating at Joshua's, MCPerkins Cove and Anneke Jans. Any other restaurant recommendations? Also any recent reviews on our choices? One other question, are any of our choices handicapped friendly?
Thanks for your time,

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  1. We live in Ogunquit in the summer and frequently eat at MC Perkins Cove. There is one handicap parking space in the front of the restaurant. If it is occupied by a car that has no placard or plate, go in and ask for Norman, the manager and ask him to have the car moved. There is an outside elevator that takes you from the parking space to the front door. If it is not working, just go in and ask them to unlock it. Great view, good food, nice service. Anneke Jans is also a very good choice although very noisey. There are no steps into the restaurant so it is very accesible. If you are lucky you will find a parking space in front. I am not a fan of Joshuias so someone else will have to reply to that. Hope you have a nice time.

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      "I am not a fan of Joshuias so someone else will have to reply to that. "

      Please, could you expand on this comment, I've always wanted to try Joshua's.

    2. I wrote a review of Joshua's a few weeks ago. It's in Wells, just up the road from Ogunquit.


      1. There is a Restaurant called Johnathan's in Ogunquit on Bourne Lane, Right next to the Meadowmere Resort that I would recommend. It has a ramp up to the door, which is what you were looking for. and I personally enjoy the food there. I will include the web site that you can check out. (http://www.jonathansrestaurant.com/) My wife and I go to Ogunquit every spring and in the fall out of season ,and have stayed at the meadowmere resort and it includes a breakfast and dinner package and most of the time we eat at Johnathan's and have never had a bad meal. Earle Ct.

        1. Hubby and I did a recent trip to Ogunquit- Gypsy Sweethearts and loved it!! Here's the review: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/555429

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            Gypsy's is really good but not handicap accesible.

          2. Tapas and Tinis is a great spot. The food is fantastic. I would not miss eating there if I was in the area again.

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              Disagree. We had a horrible experience there which I posted but removed by the mods. Look on Yelp for my review of Tapas and Tini. The owner is one of the most dispicable people alive, the food is mediocre and he service bad.

            2. My parents and I love Fox's Lobster House on Nubble Point, not sure how it stacks up against the competition! It's also nearer York Beach than Ogunquit. Also, there's a great jamaican place on Rte. 1 heading into town, if it's open in the off-season!

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                The restaurants mentioned by OP are very nice fine dining places. While Fox Lobster house is good, not in the same league. The Jamaican food place is a roadside takout place in a dirt parking lot with a couple of picnic tables! What could you be thinking? We are talking restaurants here. And, I am reasonably sure the jamaican take out place is closed by now.

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                  So sorry, I thought she was looking for *food* - there was no mention of ambiance. Jamaican place probably is closed, you're right, but nothing beats one of their meat pies for the drive home. We can't all be fancy all the time.

              2. I can't speak for the other restaurants, but would avoid MC Perkins Cove. We were hugely disappointed when we went last summer, primarily by the very mediocre food and presentation. (We ordered the signature Shellfish Tower and found that some mussels were a bit off, and that the tuna sashimi had been cut in ragged, ugly strips. Unappetizing to say the least.) A side of steamed baby bok choy came grey and limp, drowning in a bath of broth. A fish special that I ordered (at $35 a plate), while fresh on its own, was similarly overwhelmed by a variety of sauces and flavors (avocado paste, chorizo sausage, etc.). The whole experience felt like a bad attempt at gastronomy by some junior culinary students. It's a shame, because early reports rated the food as inventive and delicious. I think you could do much better elsewhere, especially at the prices that MC Perkins charges.

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                  SOrry to hear that - we eat there frequently and find it quite good. I know that Marc of Arrows is the chef there now and was for some time last summer- maybe you went before that. Your experience is very different from ours.
                  Visink's suggestion for the Ramp is an excellent one - really great food but very casual.

                2. I love the Stolen Menu Cafe for breakfast. The have a LONG list of changing specials that take advantage of local, in-season produce. I once had a truffled lobster and fried egg sandwich on a croissant. Best breakfast I've ever eaten hands down.

                  Also, if you want to take a short trip to Cape Porpoise, there's a great restaurant on the pier, aptly named Pier 77. It is a upscale place with incredible views, but if you are looking for more casual dining, go around back to the Ramp for a great experience - we actually always eat here over the restaurant upstairs.

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                    We ate at the Ramp last week when we were up that way. Got there around 3 so we were "in between" times in the main dining room. Really liked the Ramp and the food was very good. Good chowder and the spinach salad is great!