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Oct 24, 2008 04:08 PM

Bayside Takeout Options

I've been living in Bayside for a couple of years and I get takeout for dinner quite a bit, focusing on the best combination of food quality and value. Here are a few of my favorites. Was wondering if anyone else could recommend places I should try that are not on my list.

Italian- I am very picky about my Italian food as it's the most common thing I'll cook for myself. The only place I go for takeout is Il Vesuvio on Bell. Used to love Martha's Vineyard's chicken parm but unfortunately that is no longer open.

Chinese- Northern Manor is the only place i go to on a regular basis. East Ocean Palace in Forest Hills is also good although I am not a fan of the service. Since it is close by I would go to Tofu every now and then in the Bay Terrace shopping center, but the last time I went I had less than a positive experience with the food.

Thai- have tried a number of options including Bonne Saison and Erawan on Bell but I haven't fallen in love with any of them. Am I missing any others?

Mexican- Decent but nothing great. El Patron on Northern was ok as was Cinco de Mayo on Bell. Tequila Sunrise on Bell was not good when I tried it. I'll either drive out to El Coyote in Jamaica or Baja Fresh in Lake Success.

Japanese- no favorite right now. I am more of a chicken teriyaki guy than a sushi fan and haven't found one to my liking so far.

Diner- Jackson Hole is the winner here. I actually prefer their grilled chicken sandwiches to their burgers.

Latin- nothing that stands out.

Deli- Tony's in Beechhurst

Then you have the standard places I'll go to because they are close by- Applebee's, Ben's, Boston Market, Nikita's (Greek), Nelson's Grill (love the pineapple chicken). Not a Korean food fan although I live in the land of Korean food. I find Donovan's burgers overrated and it's hard to do a good burger for takeout anyway.

So what am I missing??

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  1. I would give Avli a try for Greek as they have decent-sized portions. And as much as I love Bonne Saison, they're not a strong take-out experience (dining in is MUCH better).

    For Japanese, you might want to try nearby Ginza on Francis Lewis (Omiya is gone).

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      Try BKNY on Francis Lewis for Thai.
      4711 Francis Lewis Blvd
      Flushing, NY 11361

      Great dining place, but they do take out well. I like their food better then Erawan. They are off Bell, don't cater to the bar crowds and they survive. It says something about the food.

      Chinese (American style), try the take out at the hole in the wall, Amy on Bell Blvd and Oceana. Local favorite for take out. Otherwise, head to Flushing (that's a whole other thread).

      Though you're not a fan of Korean. Try Bon Chon chicken on Bell (the strip mall after the Mobile station). You'll never go anywhere else for fried chicken again.

      If you like teriyaki, try Tokyo Steak, another hole in the wall
      184-16 Horace Harding Expy
      They are a Hibachi place but sells take out. Their Teriyake is probably the best in the area. Unfortunately, not too many good Japanese restaurants in Northern Queens. They are pack in the weekend after 6pm. The food is good the restaurant just looks old.

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        1. Greek Isles in Little Neck has never let me down for dining in or take out

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            Flash Forward a year and a half...Avli has been a great recommendation- love their stuffed grilled chicken. BKNY and Press 195 are solid. I've become a Gino's fan for Italian. The demise of El Coyote and Nelson's Grill has led me to pick up food on the way home from more distant places- Taqueria Coatzingo and Pio Pio are among my favorites. Wish Soup Dumplings from Joe's Shanghai traveled better but you have to eat those as soon as they are made.

            Taqueria Coatzingo
            76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            Joe's Shanghai
            136-21 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11354

            Pio Pio
            62-30 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

            Press 195
            195 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217