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whats your fave mac and cheese recipe

I am looking to see what everyone's fave mac and cheese is.. I have done Martha's, and some other food tv stars. I need it for 10-12 people.

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  1. This is my new favorite:


    I LOVE that it's baked and gets all toasty, and that you don't have to boil the pasta!

    I also like the Cook's Illustrated adaptation of John Thorne's recipe. Alton Brown's recipe is the same idea. (These are egg and evaporated milk based.) This was my old standby. It's still great, I just like the novelty of the baked version.


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      The CI recipe mentioned above is definitely the one to make. It's fabulous and easy, and stays creamy, with lots of sauce.

    2. Another vote for Martha Stewart's mac and cheese.

      1. We're big fans of the Cook's Illustrated stovetop recipe.

        1. Ahh....Spicy Macaroni & Cheese from a 1991 issue of Gourmet.


          1. TJ's GF pasta with hummus instead of cheese!

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              My long time favorite is the NY Times recipe from about a year ago or so that involves cottage cheese and milk in a blender poured over uncooked pasta and cheddar and baked. It's delicious and doesn't feel so terrible for you. I'm sure you could find a recipe if you search the Times online.

            2. I still go back to my mom's recipe. I actually think she got it off of a box of pasta over 20 years ago. Standard roux with LOTS of extra sharp white cheddar. Elbow macaroni. Topped with a mixture of seasoned breadcrumbs and melted butter. Baked at 375 for about 35 minutes. It's so simple and good.

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                What I use is the recipe from the Muller's Elbow box. I add a little more dried mustard and buttered bread crumbs on top. I also use half cheddar and half Colby cheese instead of just cheddar.

              2. We tried the French Onion "soup" mac and cheese from the food network website a few month back and everyone really liked it. Neat twist on traditional mac and cheese.

                1. I recently was served a mac & cheese friends made from the newish Lynn Rossetto Kasper/Sally Swift "How To Eat Supper" cookbook. It was creamy, crispy where it counts and delicious without being over-the-top. It will be the next recipe for the dish I try!

                  1. Martha Stewarts is by far the BEST!

                    1. I made the one from Fine Cooking. Think it was January issue of this year. Amazing

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                        Can you post the recipe, or a paraphrase of that recipe, please?

                      2. Martha Stewart's Four Cheese is good, so is Ina's.

                        1. http://www.recipesecrets.net/forums/r...
                          The above recipe has become our neighborhood favorite. I also adapted it to make a buffalo blue cheese pasta for my own family. We make our own buffalo wing sauce but you can add your favorite bottle to the sauce until it gets to the spice you can enjoy. We have a local poulty store, Mr. Bill's, that make a buffalo blue cheese chicken sausage that turns the macaroni and cheese from a side dish to a meal

                          1. I start my mac and cheese with a bechamel base, add some sour cream, and 7-8 different types of shredded/grated cheeses (sharp cheddar, monterey jack, provolone, asiago, parm, mozzerella, colby, and I cheat by adding in the 4 cheese Mexican blend). There are no eggs in my recipe, so it would coagulate funny and will heat up well as leftovers. Gently fold the al dente cooked mac into the cheese sauce, poor into the casserole pan and bake for 20-25 mins at 350. I also add shredded sharp cheddar on top as my melted cheese crust...I'm not fond of bread crumbs.

                            1. this post may be helpful. I have tried AB's and thought it was just ok, my husband loved it. I will probably keep it in the file since it's pretty easy to throw together.