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Oct 24, 2008 03:13 PM

Where to Find Wild Mushrooms in MSP

I'm wondering where / whom is a good place / lead to find foraged wild mushrooms for home cooking use in the Twin Cities. Right now I'm particularly looking for Chanterelles, but would also be (depending on season) be interested in Hen of Woods, Morels and other edibles.

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  1. Any of the natural foods stores (Whole Foods, The Wedge) carries them depending on availability; fresh morels are going to be almost impossible to find; they are out of season. Lund's usually has a good variety of wild mushrooms - I'd call the store to see if they have the varieties you want in stock now.

    1. so, they probably weren't foraged, but I was at Costco today and they had chantrelle mushrooms. I think it was a pound package for under $9.00.

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        Chanterelles are not cultivated - although some have attempted to grow them on tree plantations. They grow in pine forests.

        When they're growing they are incredibly abundant, so a Costco quantity is not surprising. - the preceding link is a high quality Bay Area purveyor who ships nationally. There may be a price break at a certain poundage - so gather some mushroom obsessed friends and place a group order.

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          thanks for the info! I know very little about mushrooms, so I just assumed if there were enough to have at Costco they must be farmed in some way. i was tempted to buy some, maybe I will go back this week...

      2. contact forest mushrooms in st. joseph mn they do some foraged some cultivated and some imports - I know the sell dried and some fresh at lunds but the also do some markets