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Oct 24, 2008 02:49 PM

A good place for lunch along Montmartre walking tour

We'll be doing the standard Montmartre walking tour (probably following Rick Steve's route) in November. What would you recommend for a good lunch? I'm certainly willing to walk several blocks out of the way for something good. We're not looking for a big three-course meal. In fact, I'd just love a great bowl of onion soup, moules et frites, crepes, or something of that nature. And, of course, a good glass of wine. And are there some streets we shouldn't miss when we're walking around? Or any great kitchen supply stores?

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  1. Les Deux Moulins is a great little brasserie I regularly went to when I lived in Paris. My fav boulangerie in Montmartre was Boulangerie Alexine, which i think was on rue Lepic. i frequented Sancerre for drinks and what not as well. It is on the Rue des Abbesses. I hope this is somewhat helpful to you! Bonne Soiree.

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      Thanks. Isn't Les Deux Moulins where Amelie was filmed? If that's the case, and it has good food as well, I really must go there.

    2. Two blocks down the hill around abessyes metro stop on Rue Abessyes are a multitude of lovely stops and Grenier du Pain is super bakery there

      1. The rue des Martyrs is full of wonder, from the Hungarian restaurant on top of it (le Petit Budapest), good and cheap, to the kitchen store at the bottom. In between, a great bakery (Delmontel), a great brunch place named Rose Bakery, a great Cheese shop (next to Rose Bakery), several great charcuteries (one Corsican with great, great stuff -- saveurs in the name somewhere), a good butcher (la poularde Saint Honoré), a great patissier (Seurre)... There even is a great bookstore, but it is in French.

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          I was not impressed by the Rose Bakery. First of all,it is English owned and run. It seemed to me like a bunch of left-over hippie British hippie girls from the 70s selling bran muffins, brownies, semi-health foods and a few decent daily plats.

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              So do I. But Rose Bakery is still a leader for brunch, which in itself is the least French thing. Stick with the other adresses, though.

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                it's owned and run by a british-french couple. i had a few good experiences there, but the past few times have been horrible - bad food, bad service - the last time we ended up just leaving, and i don't think i'll go back (which is too bad - i've been missing brunch since i moved to paris!) the bakery across the street is excellent (i think this is the one souphie mentioned, delmontel)

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                  And the cheese shop next door has Bellivaire butter and cream (like at Roellinger's) and some pretty exciting cheeses like that espelette cheese from the basque country. Les Papilles Gourmandes has some Bigorre ham and other pig products.