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Oct 24, 2008 02:15 PM

How are The Common Man restaurants in NH

Just looking at an ad and they are all off 93 in New Hampshire? How are they? Thanks!

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  1. I grew up going to the Comman Man in Ashland. I say don't miss it. It is a great comfortable atmosphere and great comfort food. I never miss a chance to go when I am visiting NH. My mom still goes about once a week and she says she has never been disappointed!

    1. For an opposing point of view, I have to say I find the food serviceable but not memorable.

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        I agree. This comes from dining at the Windham location once on my own and once as part of a business lunch as the guest of others. Given the "myeh" quality of the food, it's pricey.

      2. They are just that... "common" I know everyone loves chains... but there are so many mom and pop places that offer 2x the experience, and much better food for the same cost, or less.

        1. Slightly better than average. (Which goes a long way in a town like Ashland.) This is to say it's the best restaurant in Ashland, but still not stellar.

          1. Search this board for numerous mentions. My own was: