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Oct 24, 2008 01:49 PM

Best Ginger Cake I Ever Ate- Oakland

Oh MY GOD. I stopped by Aunt Mary's cafe on the way home and picked up a piece of Ginger Pear Cake. It's dark ginger cake, with thinly sliced pears on top. If you like ginger, this cake will make you so happy. It is moist, just the right balance of sweetness and gingeriness....the cakey cousin of the ginger cookie at Bakesale Betty's, which happens to be just down the street.

This is truly one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. I had heard AMC had a great baker; now I know it to be true.

And I had their cornbread cornbread I ever ate, really flavorful. It didn't even need butter.

Aunt Mary's Cafe
4307 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. I was at AMC's again today for brunch, and heard that some folks came by looking for the ginger cake. The baker told me that she is baking two things a day, and the items will vary, so the ginger cake may not be on the menu if you stop by. Today they had pineapple upside down cake, and in keeping with the ginger cake, it was the best pineapple upside down cake I ever had. Really.

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      How was the Grand Opening? We have been going for the past two weeks (love the Southern Bubble and Squeak- potato & collard green cakes with poached eggs and leek sauce with a biscuit). The place was mobbed all weekend from what we could see driving by.

    2. Gee, if you click on "On the Tables" , there is the menu and some fantastic looking photos of the food.

      Anyone tried the calas?

      I've never heard of them before, but the photo looked so fabulous that I Googled and found this ...

      "Calas are deep fried rice cakes, made with sugar, flour, eggs and rice. It was an extremely popular breakfast food in New Orleans in the early twentieth century"

      The weekend brund has live music. There's pan perdue

      Really eclectic menu that seems to span the globe

      - Updated congee - gingered rice porridge, shitake mushrooms, deep fried egg
      - Migas
      - Jalapeno puppies
      - Hangtown Fry-tatta
      - Zorba the omelet

      1. Glad to hear the cakes are so delicious. I adore this place. They're friendly, the food is great (what I've had, anyway), and it's a comfortable place to eat with our toddler. The biscuits are great, as are the homemade breads (sweet potato was mildly sweet and very moist; easily the best bread I've had in a long time), so I'm not surprised that the other baked goods are delicious.

        Oh, and in the afternoon (2-4, I think?) you can get a pastry/other baked good and coffee/tea for half off.

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          The grand opening was nuts. I went in there around 1:30 on Sunday, thinking the insanity would've receded, but it was still going. They'd sold out of the red flannel hash, which I'd wanted to try. Still, I got a table immediately and my huevos divorciados came fairly quickly- poached eggs with black beans and two kinds of homemade salsa, plus tortillas. Tasty. I've also heard good things about the Hangtown Frytata, and had the Zorba the omelet, which was excellent- they use really good quality feta and olives, plus they don't overcook the spinach.

          I think the deal is that from 3-4 they sell any baked goods that are left for 1/2 off. I hope she makes that ginger cake again soon....