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Oct 24, 2008 12:51 PM

best sri lankan resto in manhattan?

tomorrow evening, mr. alka wants some home-cooking (ie, sri lankan food). he loves string hoppers, especially.

can you recommend a good sri lankan place in manhattan? i only recall two sri lankan restos, but that was a few years back, and i can't recall their names, or which one was better.

can you help us out with recommendations of places, and your favorite dishes there? thanks.

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  1. i like sigiri on 1st Ave near 6th St...but it's the only Sri Lankan place i've ever been so I can't attest to its authenticity.

    i can attest to its affordability, tastiness and BYOBness, though!

    1. Not an evening place - but the Dosa Man is apparently from Sri Lanka - or his grandmother was - and he offers a lunch that's from his grandma's cooking (or that was my understanding - It was a bunch of spongy "crepes" with what was called a dry sauce (several herbs/spices) and a mint chutney and a cream sauce - I really enjoyed it! SW corner of Washington Square Park by Sullivan - lunchtime but not every day.

      I'll dig out his phone number and post it.

      1. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Sigiri is the ONLY Sri Lankan place outside of Staten Island, best or not! Fortunately, it's yummy, and they do have string hoppers.

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          It appears I'm behind the times! Last year another Sri Lanken place opened, called Nirvana Cafe. Not too much info on the boards yet. Looking forward to trying it!

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                uh-oh. hope mr. alka didn't trek down there this evening....(he was at times square).

            1. re: NancyC

              thanks for the recommendation of sigiri. fellow hound thew also likes the food there.