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Oct 24, 2008 12:01 PM

Po Boys in the Portola

Any of you Portola pioneers out there heard anything about this place? Drove by yesterday and was very intrigued. Very peculiar location on San Bruno Ave. away from most of the businesses. Is it a chain. Can I actually look forward to a fine Oyster Po Boy just blocks from my house? The website (also under construction) makes me think chain.

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  1. Is it open yet?

    Another new po boy shop located in Jack's Club over on Potrero Hill is Yats. Would love to hear a 'hound report. (click on the Places link below to go to the website)

    Yats New Orleans Original Po Boys
    1609 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      No. Not open yet. Website gives no info as to when. It seems (from the street) to be pretty close. I'll keep looking.

      1. re: bdl

        Please do keep us posted. Googling doesn't turn up any other spots with the same name.

        Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
        3030 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Hey Melanie,

          I went to Yats about a month ago and gave it a try. It is in the back corner of the bar with just a service window. Behind the order taker was the assembly line of a few people chopping and breading. Very friendly service.

          I had the shrimp po boy and my father had the crawfish po boy. Both were good with plenty of shrimp and crawfish. Well seasoned. The lady at the window asked if we wanted it dressed so I said yes (assumed it meant with everything). It came with the usuals pickels, lettuce, etc. The remoulade sauce was actually very good, but they barely put any on so it made the po boy very dry...I had to douse a lot of louisiana hot sauce on. I'd def. go back but ask for extra remoulade sauce this time around.

        2. re: Melanie Wong

          I tried Yat's a couple of weeks ago and it was just fine, not great. The shrimp poboy was tasty, if a little dry(we ordered it dressed). We also had some gumbo, which was in desperate need of salt. Lastly, we ordered a side of maque choux which had all the right ingredients, but was totally unseasoned. I will say that the bread that the poboy came on was great and the service was friendly. Looking forward to trying and hearing about Queen's poboys.

          1. re: srr

            I didn't see your post until now. I started a new thread here,

            I didn't have any underseasoning problems today. But now that you mention it, I will say that less salt than typical was used, as I normally find gumbo etc. much too salty.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Any good po boy shops near FiDi or Civic Center? This is makin me hungry.

              1. re: mofo313

                You'll have a better chance of getting replies if you start a new topic with a title that signals your request instead of using this thread for the Portola district.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            It's Mardi Gras 2009, and still no signs of life from Queen's in the Portola, or on their website.

            1. re: citygalsf

              That's a shame -- I've had this on my radar for a while. As for Yat's poboys, I'm inclined to give them a hesitant thumbs up. Split both an oyster and a shrimp poboy both times -- bread is delicious. Both times, I found the oysters plump, the breading excellent, but the sauce just not hitting quite the right note. But far superior to the Hayes Valley version at the Farmer's Market in my opinion. I am looking forward to trying the gumbo -- would love to find a dependable purveyor of that delicacy so that I don't have to spend an hour over the burners making a roux twice a year!

              1. re: citygalsf

                I drive by a few times a week. There has been absolutely no activity since I first noticed the slick sign out front. Very suspicious.

                1. re: bdl

                  I've never understood why SF wouldn't support a very good cajun restaurant -- I've seen many come and go over the past decade -- but I've never a truly fantastic one. Yat's is about as authentic a flavor as I have seen appear here in some time. I will try the gumbo and report back.

                  1. re: zachschef

                    The only very good NO restaurant was when Paul Prudhomme brought his staff to SF for a month? in the mid 80's. I still remember the blackened prime rib.

                    After that we started going to Elite Cafe and it seemed to be a reasonable substitute. When the film festival was at the Kabuki at the turn of the milennium, I used to spend 1 day over there watching films and often walked up to the Elite for a good plate of red beans and rice with grilled Chaurice sausage. They are still there, although I haven't been in several years.

                2. re: citygalsf

                  So today I drive by and there are people working inside. I look in and there is no floor, more like a dirt pit with a series of boards propping up the walls. this place is more than's barely there at all. I don't see anything happening soon

              2. So it looks like after at least a solid year of preparation, this place is opening this Saturday. A friend who stopped in and talked to the owners who said they will have a huge assortment of Cajun food including gumbo, beignets, and poboys. They are also selling Louisiana products such as Zapp's potato chips, Community Coffee, and eventually Abita Beer. They also said the place looks "real nice". The Website is now looks good but still no prices.

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                1. re: bdl

                  Menu looks good, but "Gulf shrimp"? Gulf of Tonkin maybe. No way some little shop that uses a few pounds per day is going to have shrimp shipped up from LA or TX.

                  1. re: bdl

                    Thanks for staying on top of this. Look forward to reading your report.

                    1. re: bdl

                      Went by and picked up a menu today. Prices for 6" dressed po-boys are$8-$9 for seafood and $5-$7.50 for meats. 12" po-boys are about $3-$4 more. A cup of seafood gumbo is $4.95 and a bowl is $8.95. Platters, including 2 sides are about $13 and sides are in the $2-$5 range (in both small and large sizes) 3 beignets=$4.50.

                      Haven't tasted the food yet, but the restaurant itself is very pleasant, clean and well-lit and the staff was very friendly. Looks like a great addition for the neighborhood.

                    2. First impressions: not cheap, but good and fresh.

                      I ordered a large oyster po-boy with slaw and fries on the side, to go. When they say large they mean large. 12" large. Had I spent more time browsing the menu I probably would have gone for the 1/2+1/2 po-boy special where you get two small po-boys for a buck more than the large. I have almost no experience with po-boys or Louisiana food in general, so I can't comment on the authenticity, etc. But I was expecting spicy, and there was none. And I'm thinking a nice hot pickled pepper would work well in that sandwich. I'll have to try their gumbo next time. It looks good. The oysters were nicely fried with a good crunchy batter on medium sized oysters, and there were plenty of oysters filling the foot long sandwich. The roll was a nice soft "pistolet" baguette that worked well. Fries were basic, fried nicely, ample portion. The slaw was quite good with a nice light vinegar twang.

                      So my first impression was decent if not stellar. Worth a repeat to sample more of the menu, and to see how they evolve -- they've only had the doors open for 9 days now. I'd be interested to know what someone who knows N'Awlins food has to say bout them.