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Oct 24, 2008 11:41 AM

chintatown w 7 yo who likes seafood

I am taking my son to work on election day and want to take him out to eat lunch in chinatown. He loves seafood, lobster tails, clams, mussels, crabs, fish, etc. Looking for suggestions of where to take him not too fancy or pricy to eat. He also likes spicy food. Not your typical 7 yo boy palette. Probably more adventurous than mom.

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  1. try king seafood on east broadway, or 30 pell st the name changes alot, but the seafood is good

    1. Fuleen Seafood on Division Street.

      1. Fuleen is fresh and I never had any sand problem with their shellfish.

        You can bring him to The grand sichuan for half spicy hot pot with half non spicy.

        1. Most any Cantonese restaurant that's not serving dim sum at lunchtime would suffice since seafood is the backbone of the Cantonese restaurant business, and virtually all are family style at which the kiddies are expected to come along. Consequently board favorites such as Cantoon Garden and Amazing 66 will fit your profile.

          1. I had a very satisfying seafood centric dinner at Danny Ng's last weekend. The standouts were the baked conch ($6 a piece but very meaty), and the steamed dungeness crab over glutinous rice. Unfortunately, it works better for a crowd rather than a pair of eaters.
            Alternatively, you can try a Malaysian restaurant for fish curry. It fulfills both seafood and spice requirements and is slightly different. I like the version at Sanur

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              Oooh! You've been to the new Danny Ng's. Nobody ever responded to my original post from a couple of months ago. Any further comments?