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Oct 23, 2008 08:50 PM

Okonomiyaki in NYC?

The Chowhound Team split this question from the Los Angeles board. If you have any okonomiyaki tips for L.A. please respond here:
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I've just moved the other way. As a former Angeleno I'll follow everyone else in recommending Gaja, but could you tell me where to go in NY? I could really use some good okonomiyaki out here. Thanks!

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  1. I've had it at Otafuku on 9th between Stuyvesant and 2nd, and at Village Yokocho on Stuyvesant, and liked the Otafuku version a bit better. Although lately I've been making my own...after going to one of the okonomiyaki speciality places in Osaka it become more obvious that it's pretty simple.

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      i go to otafuku too...although i didn't love it as much the last time i went. there's also okonomiyaki at decibel.

    2. I've had it at Oh! Taisho and Yakitori Taisho on St. Marks Place several times and thought it was good, but I'm not really a connoisseur so not sure how it stacks up to other NY versions.

      1. Hakata Tonton makes awesome okonomiyaki with pig's feet. It blows the water out of Otafuku's okonomiyaki.

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          blows the cabbage out of their okomiyaki? the kewpie maybe?

        2. There is restaurant on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn called Geido... they have a a delicious okinomiyaki. I remember the first time seeing it ordered by an older Japanese couple and and now have it almost every time I dine here. The sushi and other dishes are lovely as well. A good little find. Easily accessible by subway from Manhattan.