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Oct 24, 2008 11:32 AM

Other chai like Tazo chai tea bags?

I really like the Tazo chai tea bags--not talking about their concentrate, just plain, unsweetened tea. But I generally prefer to buy loose tea. Anyone know of a loose chai tea that is similar in flavor profile to the Tazo tea?

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  1. coincidentally, i just tried the tazo chai this morning at $tarbuck$. as a tea drinker, i find tazo products quite inferior to most anything you might buy from tea sellers who deal with higher quality stuff. sorry.

    you're asking for chai similar in profile to tazo's. i think you should aim a little higher - that product is not nearly as fresh, strong or flavorful as it should/could be.

    I am actually trying to make my own chai from scratch. but when i am thinking about buying chai i get the organic masala chai from the fragrant leaf.

    it is not cheap, but it is very good and natural.

    i've never tried these others, but here are other tea companies that sell versions of chai.

    rishi also has a chai that i've bought at whole foods. but honestly, it's not as good as the one i got from

    1. I make my own; it really isn't hard to do.

      Start with a good strong black tea you like (I use an Assam CTC blend, whatever's cheap, fresh, strong and good). You can usually get something to fill that bill (Lipton's Red label, eg) at a middle eastern grocery. But use the tea YOU like.

      I grind the spices fresh but pre-ground will do: nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and cardamon. I don't like black pepper, but you can add it if you wish. I'd say that out of the mix, cardamon predominates, and go easy on the cloves (they numb the mouth). In a 2 quart saucepan, I throw in about 1/3 cup of loose tea, a half teaspoon of the spice mixture, and fill the pan a little past halfway. Heat this almost to boiling, take it off the heat, and add 2 healthy spoonsful of sweetened condensed milk. Some people add vanilla. Add some cream in the cup if you wish.

      This willl make steam come out of your armpits. Drink the whole thing and go do something.

      1. If you have a Peet's Coffee nearby you could try their Chai loose leaf tea. Try a cup to see if you like it before you buy the leaves. I really like it. They also do mail order if you aren't close to a store.

        1. I just make my own... you'll want Assam tea. You'll need cardamom. I also throw in whatever's around: a cinnamon stick, a couple of cloves, peppercorns, and some thin slices of ginger. (I think the ginger is really important.)

          1. Thanks for all the comments, but what I am really looking for is someone who has tasted the Tazo chai tea bags (not the chai concentrate, which I do not like) and can decipher what it is about their recipe that makes the spice mix unique, because it really is, and say which other brands/recipes come closest..