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Oct 24, 2008 10:45 AM

What to do with a whole boneless ribeye ?

A couple of friends and I chipped in on a whole, boneless, 14-lb ribeye at Costco last weekend when they were on sale for $4.99/pound. I am looking for suggestions for things to do with this huge piece of meat. We were thinking about doing a roast with part of it and cutting the remainder into steaks.

Any tips or recipes for a good boneless rib roast? I'm a novice at roasting beef (and, I should say, my oven is not the most accurate - I do more sauteeing and other range cooking than baking/roasting).

Any ideas for ribeye other than steaks and roast ?

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  1. Check out this recent thread. It has a lot of good info that might work for you, although it does concentrate on steaks and roasts.

    1. Slice super-thin and make Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

      Slice super-thin for Korean BBQ and serve with dipping sauce, chile paste, rice and lettuce.

      1. If you have a grill with a rottiserie, you can make a great dinner. Allocate about 8 ounces per person and cut a piece to accomodate your dinner, cook it covered on Indirect heat. Pull when internal temp hits 125 for rare. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

        1. Make a marvelous, simple stroganoff with some of it. Cut into strips about the size of a finger, season & toss w/ S&P, set aside. Set out an 8-ounce container of sour cream to let the chill come off while the rest of your cooking is happening. You'll also need about a pound of sliced mushrooms and two large onions, fresh parsley, S&P, and fresh whole nutmeg. And something to deglaze the pan.

          Get some water going to bring to a boil to cook egg noodles in. Start cooking the egg noodles about the time you start cooking the beef.

          In a hot dry pan, put about a pound of raw sliced mushrooms and salt. Cook, turning, until most of the moisture is released, then add butter and cook down, remove & set aside. Carmelize a couple of large onions, sliced, in butter in the same pan, then set aside with the mushrooms.

          Throw the egg noodles on to boil and set the timer!

          Working in small batches in a very hot pan using a combo of unflavored oil and butter, sear off the beef strips and set aside with the mushrooms & onions. When all the meat is done, \deglaze the pan (I like to use vodka or brandy), scraping up all the good bits, reduce heat to low, then return all your stuff to the pan with the sour cream and stir. Check for S&P seasoning, add a big handful of chopped fresh parsley, and grate some fresh nutmeg in. Check taste again, add more nutmeg as necessary. Serve over the hot egg noodles.

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            That sounds really good. Thank you.

          2. Thanks for all the good ideas !