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Oct 24, 2008 10:42 AM

73 Stirs (Yonge and King)

A new restaurant has opened up at Yonge and King, called 73 Stirs. Went today for lunch with four of my co-workers. Their food is well-priced at lunch, they had about 6 specials, including $5 soup, a $9 soup/sandwich combo (veal), and some $12 stirfrys. I got the capicolo, sauerkraut and swiss cheese sandwich on marble rye. It came well toasted and warm, which was delicious. It comes with a side salad, a pickle and even comes with regular mustard and gourmet mustard on the side ($9). Three of us had this sandwich and we all loved it. Another person had the carved chicken sandwich and loved it. The place is nice and the service was excellent. Would recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I was hoping it would be a nice spot. Based on your description I'm looking forward to trying it.

    1. I haven't been, but I believe it is a "renovation" rather than a new restaurant. IT used to be Cyrano's. Same owners. New look, concept, etc.
      Good to hear it is promising. Never was at Cyrano's either.

      1. We went here last night for our company Christmas party. We were 20 people, so we took over the entire back part of the restaurant (separted by the very large, circular bar in the middle of the restaurant), which felt like a private room. We were fed for $35/person, not including alcohol. The first course we had a choice of Caesar salad, soup (clam chowder) or calamari. I had the calamari, and it was amazing. It was grilled and served warm, with an olive oil dressing, and it was a full bowl full, not just a few pieces. Second course we had a choice of Atlantic salmon with rice, 16 ounce rib-eye steak with a baked potato or a penne with vegetable in a rose sauce. I had the steak. It was fair, a huge piece and they did cook it medium rare like I asked (plus they remembered not to include the baked potato for me). A lot of my piece was fatty, but it didn't seem like others had this problem. For dessert, we had a choice of cheesecake, tiramisu or apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The service was unbelieveable, we had about 4 servers dedicated to just our party. I never had to ask for a refill of wine or water, the food came out perfectly paced, and overall, I'd give it a 9/10. Everyone had a great time!

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          I walked past 73 Stirs today and noticed a sign in their window promoting some weekday 4:30-6:30pm specials, presumably to draw in the after work crowd.

          - free coconut shrimp with $5 martini or $3 beer

          - rib sampler and a beer or glass of wine $5

          - build your own pasta, includes glass of bar spirits or suds or house wine

          - all you can eat chicken wings, witha beer, or glass of house wine or bar rail
          liquor $6.99

          - manager's surprise appetizer selections and one beer or glass of house wine
          or bar rail liquor or martini $5.00

          I'll probably pop in one day this week to try them out but am wondering if anyone has tried these?

          1. re: idnas

            I went with a group of 8 last week. I admit I was not impressed. I think the service was the most off putting, perhaps it was our server. The food had potential. Some of us arrived at 5:30 (we had reservations for drinks and then dinner) and the remainder came shortly after. I had recommended this place because of the above specials, it was in the right neighbourhood, and that other posters seemed to like it. The first group arrived, without knowing about the specials, and ordered drinks. When the 2nd group arrived, we asked about the specials and the server was not very forthcoming about them, and it didn't seem like she was even aware of them! We said they were posted outside. She went to ask, and then gave us a vague description...we had all ordered drinks (even multiple drinks), so I would think that we would be offered the appetisers. Even though we were still within the 6:30 time frame, we didn't push it. We were prepared to order our dinners. We ordered, and one person got a meal covered with cheese...which he had to send back. He is allergic to cheese and there was no mention of cheese in the description on the menu. Another person ordered the seafood pasta, described to have shrimp, calamari and mussels. When she got it, there were no mussels, but shrimp, calamari and salmon. She asked the server, and she said they ran out of mussels. I would think that if the kitchen ran out of something, they would ask the customer if it was ok to make a substitution and give her the opportunity to choose something else if the substitution was not satisfactory. But no, and they over charged her. Overall the food tasted decent and the portions were appropriately-sized. However, we all agreed that the place was a bit odd. I don't think I would make it a go to spot, especially if I needed to impress someone.

            1. re: cheeser

              Disappointing. Thanks for the report.

          1. re: Wil

            I don't know but I'd think so. I'm guessing the point of the specials is to get people in who will keep drinking but I don't recall the sign saying dine-in only.

            1. re: idnas

              I noted yesterday that the windows are covered with paper, and there is a sign about reopening soon with new management and new chef.

                1. re: bargirl

                  There were people eating lunch inside when I walked by on Tuesday.