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Oct 24, 2008 10:07 AM

Best French Fries in Westchester County


I am looking for the best french fry or most unique french fry in Westchester County. All opinions are appreciated!!

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  1. I enjoy the fries at Burger, Shakes and Fries with there special sauce. They are just over the CT line from Port Chester.

    1. Try "So Dam Hot" in Valhalla - their "Reservoir Dog" fries is one of the most unique combinations (and tasty ones!) that I've ever seen!
      Also - the seasoned waffle fries at Finnegan's in Thornwood are pretty good.

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        1. re: sparkyspecial

          So Dam Hot? Sr. Swanky told me it's still going strong.

      1. In Port Chester, I like the fries at Cafe Mirage.

        1. I will be testing these fries for review, so I really need feedback that is 100% your favorite.

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          1. re: HaileeM

            100% favorite? Then the pomme frites at Le Provencal in Mamaroneck.

            The food (which is very good) is just a means to get at the pomme frites.

          2. Sadly, nearly everyone uses prepackaged, frozen fries these days, and I think all waffle fries are industrial products. Pressures to be competitive necessitate the economy, and the same is pretty true of mashers, my personal favorite. I'm told they even market mashed potato flakes in a box with "lumps" for the trade!

            If anyone can come up with a true "homemade" french fry venue, ditto mashers, I'm there.