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Oct 24, 2008 09:10 AM

Sports Bar with Decent Food for Saturday?

We are in town this weekend and need a place to watch the University of Texas game tomorrow (since the game is on at the same time as the LSU game, we need a place with multiple televisions). We're staying at the International House (221 Camp). Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. try Gordon Biersch on Poydras, across from Harrah's.

    1. cooter brown's would have to be a streetcar or cab ride, but they have solid food and they're sure to have the game on. not sure what sort of environment you're used to, but it can get a little rowdy in there on saturdays. not a bad kind of rowdy. a college football kind of rowdy.

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        Thank you both for the great suggestions! Football rowdy is our kind of rowdy, so we'll fit right in. : )

        1. re: txgrl99

          I'm a bit late but I used to watch quite alot of sports at Vic's Kangaroo Cafe. Also the Acme is fun to watch stuff at. New Orleans isn't really a sports bar sort of place though.

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            Our waiter the night before told us to go to Vic's as well. Unfortunately, we ate the largest (most wonderful) brunch ever at Commander's Palace and walked 3 miles back to our hotel. So we were super lame and watched the game in the hotel for heading out for the night. I have some great ideas for next time, though, which will be SOON. Thanks!