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Oct 24, 2008 09:07 AM

what's happening in Bowness/COP area?

It's time for my annual trip up to Calgary in 2 weeks for some days at the Canada Olympic Park. My schedule this time isn't leaving much room for meals, so I'm going to have to hang close to the COP for meals. Thanks to you folks, I've eaten at Salt and Pepper and the coffee place on Memorial Dr (by the gas pumps), I'll have some time for lunch and then dinner after 9pm. Any new suggestions?
And, before I fly home on Sunday, I'll have time for breakfast and some good coffee. I won't be restricted to the COP area for this. I know all about the usuals, (DD, Nellies, Starlight, etc). , but are there any places new on the horizon since last January that are worth trying?
AND, is there anyplace better than Caffe Artigiamo for my cuppa? I'l like to grab some whole beans of uniquely Canadian coffee to bring home to keep the memories going. I bought a bag of CA Italian Roast a month ago when I was in Vancouver and I'm savoring the brew even as I type!

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  1. Coffee Place: There is a new place called KAWA on 8th Street & 14 Ave. The people that own it also have a coffee place in Cochrane -- Good coffee and muffins also soup and sandwiches (I've only eaten the muffins but they are freshly made every morning unlike the ones at Artigano). Around COP area there was a good review recently on this board about the Wiener-Schnitzel Haus 4703 Bowness Road ( about 2 blocks behind Safeway). Sounded really good but I haven't tried it yet. If you get stuck for meals not too far away in Valley Ridge (Next exit off TransCanada going towards Banff) there is a resturant on the end -- just where you turn in -- which does a decent souvalki, sorry can't remember the name but its always busy with neighborhood people so its handy place to go. Safe trip.

    1. Coffee on a Sunday morn- well, Phil and Sebastian at the CFM are open (as is the whole market) and you can certainly cobble together a superb breakfast at the market- the "breakfast wrap" from Dora Pomodora is exquisite and far exceeds the normal mish-mash of scrambled eggs and sausage one normally finds in that sort of thing. Only thing is, while we all love P&S, they do source coffee from the states (Denver's Novo Coffee and their espresso is from Paradise Roasters in Mpls)- if you want an only-in-Canada option then of course you can get beans from Vancouver's esteemed 49th Parallel Roasters at Kawa (and it is indeed open Sundays) or from Caffe Artigiano, whose local cafe at 6th ave and 3 st SW downtown is also open Sundays- for my taste I prefer the 49th Epic Espresso blend they use at kawa to the house blend they make for CA. Both Kawa and Artigiano serve food although I'm not aware of kawa having anything that is specifically breakfast-y- but I'd enjoy their delicious chicken quesadilla, with zuke and sweet potato, any time.

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        And Bumpy's Café also has JJ Bean--would you recommend it, John?

        Sort of behind C.O.P at 17 Ave and 85 St, A Ladybug and Cafe is now open Wednesdays to Sundays. Delicious Belgian pastries, waffles, and breads in a chic, modern setting. Definitely one of the coolest cafés I've seen.

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          I would but Bumpy's is closed Sunday.

          Nice to hear about Ladybug- I know that (last I heard) they were using beans from local roaster Fratello- they have some very tasty products.

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            Thanks all! I remember the Weiner Schnitzel Haus from previous posts. The one day I tried to go there last January, it was closed.
            49th Parallel Coffee beans is probably what I'll go for. I
            CFM is the Calgary Farmer's Market, right? I've never been there. What is the address?
            Now, I can only hope that the weather stays mellow - last year when I was there, it was one of those -20 degrees weeks. Nothing like standing outside in the morning for 5 hours when it's that cold!!!

            1. re: scabbardgirl

              CFM is at former Currie Barracks- from the north, take Crowchild Tr to Flanders Rd exit and then follow signs (or cars). It's also on the 20 bus.

              If it's cold, well, it IS November at 51 north and 4000' above sea level- but the weather has been INSANELY nice so far this autumn, nary a flake of snow and warm enough for shorts in much of October (if you're me at least). Hopefully that'll hold out for your visit.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Thanks for the directions to CFM. I've never been that direction in Calgary, so it will be a nice little adventure for me.

                Here in Utah, we're not much different. 6800' above sea level, but we've been pretty warm for the most part. It was shorts and a long sleeve Tshirt today to walk the dog. It hasn't been cold enough at night to even start to make some base snow at the ski areas.