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Oct 24, 2008 08:48 AM


Has any one been to Meme yet? If so, any favorite dishes?
I'm checking it out tonight and will report on Monday.

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    1. re: Chowtalk

      Thanks for the reminder. I enjoyed Meme and think it's a great new BYOB. I think they might be getting a liquor license though. Definately make reservations since the place was packed with people. It was pretty loud but decent people watching. Meme is pricey so a special occasion place. For appies, we split the fois gras and scallops and then for dinner we split the duck and steak. I enjoyed all of our dishes. We also had an okay chocolate dessert. I think I was so full at the end of the meal that I really didn't need any dessert. Everything came to $100 without tip.

      1. re: phillyjules

        I didn't find it to be a special occasion place by price at all when I've been there. There are a good amount of BYO's in the city that are more expensive I think? I also got the skirt steak and it is a wagyu skirt steak with royal trumpet mushrooms for $25...that's a good deal. Foie gras tart is $18 but who is serving a foie gras appetizer for less than $17? I've had that also and the kitchen doesn't hold back on the piece of foie either, that thing was a good size. That's good that you enjoyed the place though, but I think their prices a good bit fair.