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Oct 24, 2008 08:43 AM

Paneer in Central VT or Burlington area?

Does anyone know of a shop in the Central Vermont or Burlington areas that carries paneer? Cheese Trader and City Market both do not carry it (I checked).

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  1. Its real easy to make your own, I just heat the milk add some lemon or vinegar and squeese out the curds in cheese cloth. You can probibly find better instructions with a google search.

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    1. re: chilihead

      I thought that's how you made Ricotta?

      What about The Uncommon Market in Montpelier? They have such interesting things (like bottled Tandoori sauce!), that it would be right up their alley.

      1. re: Bri

        Paneer and ricotta are much alike at inception. :) I'm not sure what you do to it to make ricotta... well ricotta-y versus what paneer becomes. :)

        In any case, Uncommon Market hadn't occurred to me. I'm going to go out wandering around today (to give the house to my husband, shhhh don' tell him) looking for a storage option for my knitting needles and a knitting bag for making my knitting more portable, so I'll stop in there and ask about paneer, as well. :) Thanks for the suggestions!

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        I know it's easy to make, but fresh it's very soft and not the texture I'm looking for when cooking it into a curry recipe I have. And making it, then pressing it, molding it, and aging it a bit to make it firm is more than I really wanted to be doing (though it is certainly within my capabilities to do so). I bought a brick of paneer when I was in Montreal, and it was the perfect texture for the curry I make, so I was just hoping to source it locally. :)

      3. Gagan Asian Grocery Store, 1293 Williston Road (RT 2 and RT116) in S. Burlington has paneer. If you go call first as they are open odd days (658-2730).

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        1. Hi - I was in Healthy Living on Dorset Street last week and noticed they had some in the Asian foods aisle. I should've grabbed some for I want some saag paneer!

          1. There is an Indian Food Market on Williston Road in South Burlington. I don't know if they have Paneer, but it's probably worth a shot. Not sure exactly where, but I know it's East on route 2 and before you get to Burlington Int'l Airport. So between the airport and UVM.

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              Would this be the one that kaletales posted about above? "Gagan Asian Grocery Store, 1293 Williston Road (RT 2 and RT116) in S. Burlington "

              1. re: Morganna

                It is just east of Al's French Fries and in the same stripmall as the Blockbusters.