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Oct 24, 2008 08:38 AM

need italian cold cuts & cheese

need to feed aprox. 80-100 ppl , thinking of making antispasto platters with nice italian cold cuts, marinated veg, olives and cheeses.
any suggestions ? and of course I am on a budget (but dont want to comprimise quality)
I drive so anywhere in GTA before airport or york university or pickering is good

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  1. Try Grande Cheese, there is one on Orfus Road, but there are other locations around the city. They have a wide selection of cold cuts, cheese, and you can get olives and marinated vegetables too.

    1. Second Grande Cheese.

      It was recommended to us (separately) from two friends--one Italian, and one non.

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      1. re: homebaker

        I third the Grande Cheese recommendation. Wide selection and great prices. Service can be kind of surly at times but it doesn't bother me!


      2. If you're going to be downtown you can't go wrong with Scheffler's Deli at the St Lawrence Market...marinated everything and cured meats galore.

        1. Highland Farms might have what you're looking for. They've got fairly well stocked meat and cheese counters as well as olives.

          They're fairly reasonable in the grand scheme. Maybe they could cut you a quantity discount?

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          1. re: Dr Butcher

            Schefflers is really really good

            you could also try la salumera at yonge and davisville

            regardless i would tell them that youa re going to buy alot and ask them to give you a breka in the price. You never know what asking politly can get you.