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Oct 24, 2008 08:37 AM

In Midtown One Night - Reco's with Open Budget

Hi, sorry for the short notice, my wife and I will be in Midtown staying on 45 st. between 5th and 6th THIS Saturday. We have never stayed in NY and would like advice for a nice restaurant. No restrictions on budget, but I would guess with the short notice we would not get into the best places.

We like all types of food and would like something a little bit 'unique'. We are from a landlocked part of Canada so would prefer somewhere with fresh seafood.

Somewhere that has a lot of craft or micro beers would also be nice.


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  1. See if there are any spots at Le Bernardin - sublime seafood. With the economy the way it is, you might be able to score a reservation. Insieme is another option - Italian.

    1. If you are flexible as to time and call the restaurant directly rather than using OpenTable, you can often get into very fine places at short notice

      Aquavit, on 55th St., b/t Madison & Park Avs., serves superb Scandinavian cuisine. The menu includes stellar seafood.

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        We had a fantastic tasting meal at Aqauvit, so I absolutely agree with that. I also loved Gordon Ramsay's at the London. I agree to check for a cancellation, you never know, and they may not have a waiting list.

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          We had Aquavit's tasting of signature dishes at lunch. Sublime!

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          Also reco Aquavit for that neighborhood with an open budget; I just posted on the cafe which I felt was worth the lesser price. Have not tried out the main dining room so can't say whether it's worth the price bump. Great fresh seafood as well as traditional scandinavian preparations; if you are at the cafe, highly recommend the hot smoked salmon.
          You can also check out the Maserati and other fun dealerships across the street! Enjoy

        3. Try Oceana on 54th. Blue Fin on 46th , Hatsuhana on 48th, Esca on 42nd. Triomphe ,
          Le Bernadin used to be my favorite seafood restaurant, i went there in March spent $1500 for 4 people , had nice bottle of wine. but the fish was just good, not amazing.