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Nov 4, 2003 11:20 AM

Best Steak in Sanfernando Valley

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With housing rates so great we found our palace in the San Fernando Valley, now all we have to do is find a great Steak

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  1. You can't go wrong with Ruth's Chris in Woodland Hills. In our experience it's every bit as good as Beverly Hills. Monty's at Ventura and Topanga has a wider variety of menu items but I don't think the quality of the meat matches Ruth's.

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    1. re: TomSwift

      Charlie G's in Tarzana - 18663 Ventura Boulevard, near the Mann Theaters.

      1. re: brian h

        I concur, great steaks, nice setting, good piano bar vibe


        1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

          I concur as well - great steaks althoug pricey given that it is located in Planet 818.

          Ambiance is old school - eg. circa 1970 steakhouse. I do long for a good 1960s style steakhouse with the velvet, dark wood panelling, non-existent lighting, salads prepared at your table and steak Dianne.

          1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

            I went there about two weeks ago. The poterhouse steak was great. Cooked just right. Even at Ruth's they undercook medium-rare. Had it happen to me at the Irvine location.

            Since I would rather have fries or mashed potato than a baked potato, I was confused as to why they wouldn't allow that substitution. Never had that issue before. Oh well. I'll would go back since it is the best steakhouse I've been to since moving to LA.

        2. re: TomSwift

          I agree, except I think the Woodland Hills location has better steaks than Bev. Hills.

        3. Taylor's in La Canada/Flintridge. You can't beat it for the price.

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          1. re: cvc

            La Canada moved to the San Fernando Valley? When?

            1. re: dave h

              Ooops. Guess, you can tell I'm a Westside boy.

          2. Though I have not been in over a year, there is a small, homey place on Burbank Blvd., a few blocks west the 5 freeway, called A PLACE FOR STEAKS that was wonderful all three times I tried it. I also had a lovely filet at FIREFLY just last night.

            1. The Valley Inn has been on Sherman Oaks Avenue forever, and was sold around 4-5 years ago. Anyone know how their steaks are?

              1. Thanks for the info Charlie G's sounds great, but Ruth Chris?? Remember I just bought a new house and $$ is tight, any neighborhood spots for a good steak at fair $$???