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Oct 24, 2008 08:21 AM

Mi Lah Vegetarian?

Has anyone tried it? I just read about it in the Zagat's e-newsletter.


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  1. A group of us from work went for lunch today and all really enjoyed our dishes and the service. The portion sizes are generous and there's a nice variety including flat bread pizzas, tofu pad thai, salads, sandwiches...
    I had half of the portobello sandwich - I thought it was fantastic (and I'm not a vegetarian) and will be adding this to my lunch rotation. I also had half of the black bean burger (on special) that came with a slightly spicy sauce, mango and avocado - also quite good.
    I also had a taste of the acorn squash and pumpkin soup that was so good and great for a cold day like today.

    There were also a lot of fresh juices (combinations like carrot & apple, or carrot, apple, beet and ginger, etc) on the menu that I didn't try but coworkers really enjoyed.
    Best part was for the size and quality you are getting - the prices were really reasonable. Will definitely be going back!