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best carolina pulled pork in nyc?

any suggestions?


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  1. Dinosaur, R.U.B., Daisy Mae's

    1. There's absolutely magnificent North Carolina pulled pork in New York City one weekend a year... at Madison Square Park, during the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, at Ed Mitchell's booth. If you're a fan, don't miss it.

      Of the pulled pork *sandwiches* i've eaten in the city, I like Daisy May's best. They get the details right, particularly the quality of the slaw, which is crucial in an authentic Carolina-style barbecue sandwich.

      - enrevanche, native North Carolinian

      Daisy May's BBQ
      623 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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        Is it actually hickory smoked bbq? I do like braised bbq, but when I get a hankering for real NC bbq...

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          Ed Mitchell's isn't really pulled pork shoulder but rather chopped whole hog -- it's very tender and has a much softer texture, and they use a vinegar based sauce. If you are looking for just pulled pork shoulder, with more texture, and with a tomato-based sauce, go to Big Bob Gibson's booth during the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

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            I agree 100% on ed mitchell's but I've had bbq sandwiches all over nc and I've never seen anyone serve slaw in the sandwich. You're from nc, where is this done and is it typically done after the sandwich is served?

          2. Brother Jimmy's BBQ has great pulled pork.

            1. Are they still holding BBQ NYC? That's the best pulled pork I've had in NYC -- they even had mustard sauce.

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                  I go to R>U>B> its not the most amazing but its good.

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                    kathryn, BBQ NYC is not affiliated with the Big Apple BBQ Party, so far as I know.

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                      Yeah - I hit reply to the wrong post -- sorry about the confusion.

                      (I wrote a post saying that I'd replied to the wrong post and that post got deleted.)

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                    We did not have BBQ NYC this year, don't remember last year because we may have missed it. The pulled pork was made by Adam Perry Lang of Daisy Mae's at BBQ NYC in 2006. If my memory serves me correctly, that was the only time we served it there. My husband made the smoked salmon, and we were involved in the cooking, preparing and serving.

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                      That's too bad -- some of my fondest memories of chowing in NYC involve BBQ NYC. If Adam was responsible for that amazing pulled pork, then Daisy Mae's is the place to go. As enrevanche notes, their cole slaw is also really good and the perfect topping on a pulled pork sandwich.

                      BTW, do you know who was responsible for the unbelievable smoked chicken?

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                        My guess is that it was provbably Bobby Richter, who was with Hill Country. Big Lou, who had worked with Adam at Daisy Mae's, was also involved. He left Adam to go to Hill Country, but at this point I am not certain that either Bobby or Lou are still at Hill Country. The problem with BBQ NYC was that it was just a group of people who got together to run it. They did their best, and charged what was a reasonable amount to cover the cost of food, beverages including beer, park permits, etc. If you read this board after the event, it was amazing how people found so much to criticize about it. How poorly it was run, they ran out of things, the lines were too long, the food didn't stay hot, you name it. The group of people involved in running it did the best we could under the circumstances, and I thought we did a great job, but after we read what people had to say, you kind of had to take a breather and get on with your real life.

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                          Thanks for the info. I attended in 2004 and '05, and I remember the unpleasantness you describe after the '05 event. At the time, my feeling was that organizers were being a little over-sensitive to valid criticisms. In retrospect, however, the critics could have been a lot more constructive. Still, I could swear there was another event the next year -- I remember being annoyed I had to miss it -- that was much better received. Anyway, for what it's worth at this late date, thanks for your hard work. I remember the food fondly and still wear my BBQ NYC t-shirt with pride!

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                            We had the same experience. Attended in '03 (I think), '04, & '05 and missed '06 due to a death in the family (and have the T-shirt to prove the '05 visit). I can understand why Ronsilver and the other sponsors thought that the love and work that they put into the event wasn't enough supported and appreciated. But I disagree. There was a huge amount of support from the volunteers (not me) and the contributors of all the sides (also not me) and the loving partakers of great Q (including me!). While I made a few e-mailed suggestions to improve the event, I always had good things to say about BBQNYC on CH. And if I remember correctly so did most of the guests. Again, ronsilver, I can understand why you don't want to do this again, but please know that there are lots of us out there who loved what you did, miss it dearly, and would run back if you did it again.

                  3. I'm not sure exactly what makes pulled pork qualify as Carolina, but the best bang for your buck on barbecue in any form is Smoke Joint on Lafayette in Brooklyn. And they have pulled pork.

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                      Carolina style pulled pork uses the entire hog and chops it up. The sauce is also vinegar based. There are also differences between North Carolina sauce and South Carolina sauce. I think most people in NYC are looking for Memphis style though, which comes with the sweet, tangy, tomato-based sauce.


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                        actually, I think very few people are cooking whole hog in nc these days...and even less over wood. Spot-on about the sauce.

                    2. Brother Jimmy's. Although, I like their brisket better.

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                        Sorry, but being an NC native living here, Brother Jimmy's is absolutely dreadful for pulled pork....Don't even get me started on their Brunswick Stew.....

                        Daisy Mae's is the closest thing to proper NC BBQ, although their sauce is not up to par...But the pork is very very good....

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                          you should have stopped at : "Brother Jimmy's is absolutely dreadful"

                      2. I loved Mo Gridders in the Bronx but i think they are doing the State Fair Circuit and don't know when they will be back...

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                          MoGridders closed a while ago; when they said they were going on "the state fair circuit" in the dead of winter that ought have served as a hint they weren't soon returning.
                          Like the unhappy man who left to pick up some smokes (or ribs) around the corner seven or so years ago.

                        2. I know this isnt a terribly current thread but I had my first Daisy May's experience this week and it was TERRIBLE - i cant possibly imagine anyone who knew real barbeque recommending it.

                          The sandwich appeared to be pre made (there was a large neon "PORK" sticker on the outside of the stadium style foil - why would they need the sticker unless the sandwich had just been languishing in the warmer, a potentially defensible tactic for stadium concessions, or maybe high volume street carts, but just bizarre on a very slow afternoon in their dining room)

                          the texture of the meat reminded me or airplane/cafeteria food, it was fairly heavily sauced (and the sauce wasnt particularly inspiring) and notablye there was NO SMOKE FLAVOR, at all. Honestly we didnt even eat more than the first bite, there was just nothing to differentiate the meat on the sandwich from canned or slow-cookered meat mixed with some mediocre sauce - the ribs we ordered were ok (but also seemed to have been pre-cut and just doled out of the warmer) and really the only barely redeeming part of the meal.

                          Overall the experience was almost bad enough to be comical - we ordered the brisket (non-sandwich as well) which the menu is described as just "Beef brisket" as opposed to the sandwich which is described as "Texas chopped beef brisket". what we got was a half pint container that looked like chili. it was all chopped up and swimming in sauce - we actually returned it once we figured out what was occupying that unknown container.

                          Overall we would have probably returned everything and or left comments if it seemed like anyone cared. no fewer than 12 employees walked past our table full of barely touched items without once asking how our food was, and we were given the general impression that any feedback we would have offered wasn't welcome. Also, what kind of barbeque place doesnt offer any sort of combo plate option? we asked about one and were directed to the "tasting menu" which is 25/pp but requires a minimum of 4 people. the only "combo" on offer was the option to split our half slab of ribs and get three each of the two styles they offer.

                          It seems like Adam Perry Lang has himself one hell of a publicist, but from that experience (so off all around i am seriously doubtful this was a one-time missfire) it seems like no one cares about the food thats going out in the restaurant. Perhaps he should stick to getting his recipes published/awarded prizes and making appearances at events.

                          I was shocked because of how often i have heard Daisy May's name bounced around these boards on requests for bbq - although i am thinking that it is mostly recommendations for the whole hog or whole shoulder dinners.

                          Does anyone have first-hand experiences that differ greatly from the one I had this week? I'm willing to believe that the pre-reserved group dining options could be slightly better, but i dont see how a kitchen with so little care/respect for the food they put out could excel in those circumstances when they fell down so hard here.

                          1. I spent the last 13 years living in the south. During this time, I developed a serious addiction to pulled pork.
                            Since I moved here, I have been looking for really amazing, traditional southern style bbq.
                            So far my favorite is the pulled pork at Fette Sau. Juicier than most others and a very nice smoky taste to it.

                            Just wish they had the slaw/sauce thing together there...

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                              I have about half a dozen bottles left of Wilbur's BBQ sauce if you need some...Wilbur's is my favorite in NC.

                              you can order it directly from them...it helps you to pretend that you are eating NC BBQ...

                              now...please tell me where i can find some good Hush Puppies!!

                              1. re: Yaxpac

                                wilbur's is great and I inhale those hush puppies... As noted above, get yourself some ed mitchell's pp at the big apple bbq.