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Oct 24, 2008 08:12 AM

Oranges with olive oil and garlic

My family does an appetizer of oranges drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic, salt and pepper. Supposedly this might be something from around Naples. My great-grandmother used garlic powder and not fresh garlic, but in the past few years, we've always done these with the fresh garlic on Christmas. I'm going to make these for an appetizer with Sunday dinner, but when I googled 'oranges with olive oil and garlic' out of curiousity, I was surprised that there were no matches. I've searched around and I can't seem to find a mention of these anywhere. Has anyone ever heard of this? Obviously this doesn't really require a recipe, but I still thought I'd find something about it. Thanks!

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  1. wow... do you have a "recipe"? sounds really tasty.

    1. I too would love to see a recipe or picture. True, it's simple, but the amount of garlic and pepper could really change the result. Sounds really interesting and different.

      1. Did you try searching in Italian? This combination seems to be a Sicilian thing. I found this recipe for an orange salad that also includes peperoncini, red wine, and anchovies! It will also help you lose 30 kilos in 2 months, apparently…

        I saw some other recipes for orange combined with onion and fennel. It all sounds quite intriguing, and tomorrow is market day…

        1. Definitely a Sicilian specialty given all the great citrus fruits grown there.
          Google "Insalata Di Arance" and you'll get several variations. Enjoy.

          1. It certainly reminded me of several Mario Batali recipes I've tried lately, where cooked oranges, zest and juice is paired with garlic and other herbs.
            How about a little fresh, chopped thyme with your dish?