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Oct 24, 2008 07:07 AM

MSP: Fried Mushrooms

My wife and I are on a mission to find fried mushrooms in the St. Paul area. We tried Sunsets, which has sort of a tempura style fried mushroom, but we are looking for a regular breaded fried mushroom. We would appreciate any help.

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  1. The 5-8 Club and Buffalo Wild Wings immediately come to mind and are relatively close to the St. Paul border.

    Straying from your "regular breaded" criteria a bit...Houlihans has giant ones stuffed with cheese, then fried. For "upscale" fried mushrooms, they are really good.

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    1. re: MSPD

      I agree with the Houlihans mushrooms........they are very tasty. My bf and I are on their mailing list and every year for our birthday months we get a coupon for a free app.............its a great way to try them without paying. Haha.

      1. re: MSPD

        Where is Houlihans? My wife and I love those as well, but thought they had all gone out of business. They did in Michigan.

        We'll try Buffalo Wild wings, and teh 5-8 club as well.

        Thanks for the tips.

        1. re: qajohn

          The Rail Station in Mpls has great mushrooms in a type of beer batter, and they are huge!!! It is at 37th St and Minnehaha Ave S.

          1. re: qajohn

            The Houlihans I have experience with is on Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan.

            I'm also on their mailing list phimoez, and used to get all sorts of free stuff when I worked just up the street. They used to give you a free lunch I think, not just apps.

            1. re: MSPD

              Here is a link to their MN locations.


              I think you are correct about it being a free lunch. We usually splits apps instead of ordering lunch. I can't eat a salad that is bigger than my car......hahaha. Besides the mushrooms we enjoy the: Grilled Veggie Pizza, lettuce wraps, and the bruschetta with goat cheese.

              I know chains are not "chowish" but there are a lot worse places you can eat than Houlihans. As I have been eating my way around the area since moving here a few months ago I have eaten at some real DUDS!

              1. re: MSPD

                There's also a Houlihans in Richfield at Lyndale and 66th

            2. re: MSPD

              Just wanted to post a quick up date and thank you. we have been to both Buffalo Wild wings as well as 5-8 club. Both were exactly what we were looking for.

              We also went to Houlihan's and my wife is so excited to get the caps she remembers eating with her Dad.

              Again, thank you all

            3. The fried mushroom dish that leaves me with perpetual lust is the deep fried oyster mushrooms at The King and I Thai in Minneapolis (not too far). Perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, but really delicious. It's not really tempura - far more "fried" than that - and the mushrooms themselves are wonderful.


              1. Vescio's used to have really good ones - I haven't been there in a while, but if you're in the Dinkytown area it might be worth a try.

                1. My favorite are the ones at Leaning Tower of Pizza on 24th and :Lyndale-- those and the fried cauliflower are mmm-mmm- good!