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Oct 24, 2008 06:54 AM

Lincoln Center Restaurants

Going to Lincoln Center tonight and I'm looking for a casual restaurant within walking distance of Avery Fischer Hall. Any cuisine is fine, but would like a place that serves wine. Any thoughts on Ivy's?

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  1. Go for Fiorello's - pizza is awesome, wine selection good, and I personally love the antipasti bar, especially for later dining since you can order a "pick three" plate, "pick five" plate, etc., and just pick out some lite things that you want like grilled veggies, seafood salads, mozzarella/tomato, etc. Steer clear of Rosa Mexicano and P.J. Clarke's, the former is overrated and usually packed and the latter I hear is a sorry excuse for the original across town.

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      Thanks! Fiorello's sounds good. Wonder if it's too late for reservation. Any feedback on Shun Lee Cafe?

      1. re: pwp64

        You know, until a couple of months ago, I liked Shun Lee West, though I thought that all the dim sum at the Cafe was far too greasy etc. Now, I would not really recommend Shun Lee West either - it's just too expensive for what it is, though I do love their XO Sauce Shrimp.

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          Fiorello's is booked so I'll have to try that another time! I think we'll give Shun Lee a shot.

          1. re: pwp64

            Let us know what you think of it.

    2. Hi...i recently moved to the neighborhood...have heard good things about Fiorellos but have never been...

      you also might consider Cafe Ronda, five minutes walk away on Columbus and 71st...casual tapas and decent wine...

      Bar Boulud also has nice wines but it's fairly pricey so it may not fit the casual part of the equation, and is also very crowded after weekend Lincoln Center events...

      re: Shun Lee, i've only been to the one on the UES and i hated it so i doubt i'll ever make it to Shun Lee West...

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