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Oct 24, 2008 05:47 AM

Chow predicament near Madison Square Park

My job just relocated to a building right near Madison and 24th and before I've even had a chance to explore eats in the new 'hood, I find out that I'm getting sh*t-canned in a few weeks--Darn it!

Besides EMP and Shake Shack, what else should I try? Lunch or after work drinks/snacks is preferred. Oh, and since I'm getting fired, watching the budget is ideal. Recommendations?

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  1. I like the Bread Bar at Tabla, though it's not so budget friendly - sorry about the job.

    1. I'm really sorry to hear that, I hope you rebound soon.

      As to the area-
      Hill Country (26th, west of 5th) can be done on a lunchtime budget (around $10, maybe a little more)- either the lunch special, the bowl of red, or just meat by the pound.

      The Bread Bar at Tabla has a lunch booth that sells chicken Frankie Rolls (like a kati roll) for $8- very good though not that filling. I would supplement it with some fruit and yogurt from home or something like that.

      The Wafel and Dinges guys have started selling a pulled pork waffel with cole slaw and pickle- it is served flat but you fold it over to eat it. They are on Park near 27th (?) but on Fridays only.

      There is also the Calexico cart on Park and 25th- burritos only.

      If you are willing to head to Curry Hill there is a ton of stuff in the 'affordable' range- some examples are the buffet at Chennai Garden, sandwiches at the cafe above Kalustyan's, dosas at Saravanaas.

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        For Wafels and Dinges, they leave before lunch time, which is annoying, but I suppose the afternoon location isn't too far from the OP
        Friday (8am - 11am) Park Av. South and 27th Street - West Side of the Street
        Friday (11am - 4pm) 23rd Street at 5th Av - South West corner

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          What a difference a week makes; as of today I can definitely confirm that they weren't there at 12:15 or so. Something must've happened with their schedule because last week they said to come back to the same place to get the pulled pork wafel (I got one around the same time last Friday). Oh well. MB fka MB should definitely look to the 23rd St. location for lunch.

          It wasn't a good day for my street cart cravings- not only weren't these guys there, but Calexico wasn't around and the Kati Roll cart at 28th and Lex (they are not very reliable to begin with) wasn't there as well.

      2. Rohm on 20th/Bwy has delicious Thai food. And very affordable for lunch.

        Sala One Nine is a bit further (19th betw 5th/6th aves) but has 2 for 1 happy hour (delish sangria!). And wonderful, reasonably priced tapas (patatas bravas and the bacon wrapped dates are addicting). They are also great for lunch. 1/2 sandwich and soup for $8.95. And lunch is never busy so it's quite relaxing.

        1. How about Live Bait facing Madison Park. Not the greatest food, but maybe a good place to stop in for lunch, drink alot and bitc$ about the boss. Sure its lunch and you're drinking heavily. Who cares, you're getting sh*t-canned ~[;/)

          1. Top takeout:
            1. Sandwiches at Lamazou
            2. Shake Shack (only if it's raining)
            3. Kati roll cart at Bread Bar at Tabla (seasonal), otherwise go to Roomali
            4. Burritos from the Calexico Cart
            5. Take out menu from Pamplona (they also have a mojito after-work happy hour)
            6. Best deli place I've found so far is Organique

            I might also try the sandwiches from Madeleine Patisserie.

            If you have time, Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern has a soup/half sandwich special daily.

            See also

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              In addition to kathryn's excellent suggestions, I'd add RUB for bbq (esp. the smoked wings), Lenny's for sandwiches, Minar for cheap Indian, Pizza 33 for slices, Waldy's for pizza, and NY Burger & Co. for turkey burgers and chicken sandwiches.