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Lobster Prices

I've been reading about Lobster prices hitting record lows, as the Lobstermen are getting only $2.25 LB for their catch. Does any one know what the retail prices are in Boston and vicinity?

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  1. I believe $2.25 is the price for new shell being paid in Maine.Locally the boats are being paid $3.25 to $3.50.Hard shelled(lobsters able to be shipped overseas and be out of the water for 30+hours)are being bought for $7.00+.There are retail prices for new shells as low as $3.99.Call around.

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      Try Market Basket, they seem to have the cheapest prices so far.

      About a week ago, I got an in-store special of $3.99 per pound.

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        I'm pretty sure the Market Basket lobsters are new shell. I picked a few up about 2 months ago for $4.99 / lb. We steamed 2 and ate them for dinner and made the third into a lobster roll. Good stuff.

        Stop and Shop was advertising the 1lb-1.25lb lobsters for $5.99 this past week. It didn't say if they were new shell or hard shell.

        Super 88 had lobsters in their tank for $4.98 / lb this week. Sign didn't specify hard shell or new.

    2. Market Basket in Woburn was selling new shell lobsters for $3.99 a pound on Tuesday. The lobsters were small around 1 pound-1.25 pounds.

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        I bought five 1-11/4lb lobsters from MB, and even though they were on the small side, it cost me under $23.00!

        I steamed two Saturday night and three Sunday night. I had enough lobster meat leftover for 2 rolls.

        Now, that was quite a bargain for me..

        I do feel bad for those lobsterman though, it's a really tough business.

      2. I've seen them for as little as $2.99 pp, Market Basket is $3.99 pp, apparently there's a gult of those bugs in the market due to the economy, people aren't going out to eat them.

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          and lobstermen are not going out to get them. since about the first of September i've noticed an almost total absence of lobster traps in the areas that i usually dive. but there's no shortage of lobsters. check out the two big boys i pulled up on Columbus day on my Flickr page.

        2. Couple of notes. At Market Basket the deli clerks vary in ability, but a good clerk can get you hard shells if you ask. Usually hard-shells are $1 more per-lb and the larger stores keep separate tanks for the two. If you just go for the $3.99/lb, you might get a hard-shell or two.

          The Revere Mt Vernon (at the wharf) was doing their two-lobster special for $11.99 last weekend. Only certain hours and not certain Somerville, so if going specifically for this you need to call. (They always have a two-lobster special, but the price is less certain days and at off-peak hours.)

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            Yes, the Somerville Mt Vernon has this deal too. it's prominently advertised in the windows and on the board outside, for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday dinners. Does anyone know if you can order them for take-out? I know it's super-easy to steam them at home, but if I can just pick them up around the corner, that's even easier!

            Also -- think I've read the soft-shell lobsters are not as tender and take a minute or two less to cook, for anyone making them.

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              We've moved a discussion of the differences between hard and soft shelled lobsters to the General Topics board, at http://www.chow.com/topics/567316#412...

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                I think they have restrictions that its for "in" dining service only, to encourage you spend money on drinks and other items. They also surcharge for people sharing, but for an upcharge it appears they will now do them baked stuffed now (in the past it was steamed only). Many Demoula's will steam free while you shop, although not 100% certain about the Somerville store (Chelsea certainly will).

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                  Ok, now I want lobster! Yes, Marketbasket has them for 3.99 per pound and it's a toss up if you'll get hard or soft shell and it appears that they are relatively small (1 - 1.25).

                  Just called James Hook and they want 10.99 per pound for lobsters above 2 pounds.

                  Any thoughts on where to get "bigger" (which I know is not necessarily better) lobsters?

                  Thank you.

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                    I just got back from Woburn MB and bought six lobsters.

                    They vary in size, but there are a couple that are 1&1/2 lbs, still for 3.99 per pound. I asked the gal for largest she could grab. Now mind you, there was a line, so they aren't going to be that discriminate! It's a busy place. And there are 3 hard shells and 3 soft shells, but I don't care.

                    I invited 2 friends for dinner, steamed lobsters, big salad, baked yukon potatoes and wine. I spent 30.00 on the 6 lobsters.

                    BTW, MB ran out last night, so call ahead if you go late in the afternoon. The guy in front of me, bought 24 lobsters, he said he has a restaurant and was making Lobster Fra Diabalo (sp?) out of them for his special tonight. There is no limit on how many you can purchase.

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                      Supermarkets almost always offer chicken lobsters, although sometimes you luck out with larger ones. Selects I think you can only find with a fishmonger or a lobster pound, so you would have to call around for better prices. Some will sell lobster just under 2lbs for the price of halves. There is a fish market right past the rotary where 16/1A/60 intersect in Revere on the rt 60 part that usually has pretty low prices but I haven't been or seen it open this year. There are a few wholesalers and pounds in Lynn, but don't know about selling to the public (in the past definitely some did). However, if you are going to drive, you might as well go direct to Salisbury or Hampton which are pretty close (just as easy as Gloucester and better prices).

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                        The Star Market at Packards Corner has both chicken and select. In fact, last time we bought lobster there a few weeks ago, the seafood manager gave us selects at the per-price pound of chicken, which was quite a savings, plus after he had already totaled up our order and was taking them downstairs to steam, he threw in a free extra lobster!

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                        The tanks at the Super 88 in Brighton have been restocked and are full of very lively lobsters of all sizes, many quite large. The posted price is $4.88 per pound and they looked like hard shells.

                        1. re: tmab

                          Thank you so much.

                          One last question...does Super 88 steam their lobsters?

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                            Can't say no for sure, but I'd be surprised if they do and Ive never seen anyone getting a lobster steamed there. It is really pretty easy to steam lobsters (just take the rubber bands off) as long as you have a pot with a cover that's big enough.

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                              Super 88 do not steam their lobster. I am also curious as to why no oriental market around here prepare the fish and then deepfry the fish for you to take home. In California all the markets do it.

                  2. Somerville Market Basket has them for $3.99/lb as of Sunday afternoon. I was able to get two that were 1.25 lbs each. Around the corner, Reliable Market had a tank with lobsters that didn't look much bigger selling for $12.99/lb. I was considering starting a lobster-flipping boom in Somerville. I can see the reality series now: Flip that Lobster!

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                      Thanks for your help.

                      In the end, I went to Jumbo Seafood tonight for their twin lobster (cantonese style) for $24.95 deal...awesome dish and I love that restaurant.

                      Last night they apparently had a 3 lobster for $29.99 deal but alas, it was not offered tonight.

                    2. I ended up getting 4 lobsters at the MB in Bellingham (I was out that way on Saturday) for $3.99 a pound. They totaled 5.25 pounds, so still chix, and halfway between soft and hard sghells. I understeamed them, 7 minutes a pice, and they were the sweetest I've ever eaten, just amazing. I would have had them steamed in house, but the wait was an hour and a half!

                      1. Any idea what the best retail price in Boston is and where to get it? thanks

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                          Market Basket in Somerville was $4.99/lb with 1.25 lbs available last week.

                        2. Lobster prices at the Rockyneck Fish Co. in the East Milton Marketplace are back down to $5.95/lb for hard shells. There is a move afoot to sell more lobsters at lower prices to support the lobstermen in this difficult time.

                          Rockyneck Fish Co.
                          East Milton, ME

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                              I think if you call ahead they could get them for you, and I'm guessing that the price might be a dollar more...

                              I called them directly to avoid further speculation and discovered that they currently have 30 two-pounders in the tanks at $5.95/lb., much to my surprise. I would call ahead to make sure you get what you want, but the tanks have been full recently. Phone # is 617-698-ROCK.

                          1. MB has settled on $4.99 per pound, and pricing is posted rather large behind every deli counter. The $3.99 lb. pricing was apparantly only a Thanksgiving/Black Friday special.
                            As Buffet King and others stated, these are strictly smaller lobsters, nothing resembling 2 pounders. And their clerks (Rt. 110, Chelmsford)will pick out the largest ones they can see, but not guarantee you even1 1/2 pounders. My wife made lobster bisque for about 11 people, and 4 lobsters were purchased for about $26 total.

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                            1. re: Lighthousehunter

                              Any tips on finding the best prices for larger lobstas like James Hook or somewhere else because I am planning on Baked Stuffed for XMAS?

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                                If you're up for a drive. Ocean fresh in Attleboro has a deal

                                5.99/lb any size.

                                We just picked up a 2.5 pounder for lobster mac tonight. It paired very well with a Cremant de Bourgone from BLM wines.

                            2. can't believe how much less lobsters are here than in ny...i know we're closer to maine, but not THAT much closer.


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                                Prices are at a recent low in the Northeast.

                                Local providers are clearly reaching out and selling lobster at cost or below cost in support of the lobstermen and women and their distributers.

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                                  Not at Shaws: 6.99 for chix and 9.99 for over 1.5 lbs.

                                  1. re: drb

                                    Next to Stop&Shop, Shaw's is way over priced.

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                                    Rockyneck at the East Milton Marketplace still has lobster for $5.95/lb., all sizes, but call ahead

                                    They must be doing it to help lobsternen/women.

                                    The quality has been excellent, in my experience, and significantly less expensive than at my local chain groceries, despite the fact that they are a higher-end fishmonger.

                                    Phone # is 617-698-Rock, but if you are coming from other culinary-rich parts of the city, it is a drive. Combining it with a trip to Kam Mann might help. The Fruit Center and Kam Mann are great resources for ingredients

                                    If you are making a detour to get there, check out the little markets on Hancock Street.

                                    Kam Mann

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                                    And I'm guessing it's your listing?

                                  4. I paid $6.99 this weekend at Burke's in Quincy for lobsters in the 1 3/4 range. I believe their price was for all sizes. They were hard shelled and delicious!

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                                      I took the family out to dinner on Sunday at Fresh Catch in Mansfield. We each had twin lobster dinner (w/fries and slaw) for a whopping $12 per person!

                                      1. re: lowbuckbob

                                        I hope you're right but I think you're mistaken. It has always been $16 for the past eight years and on the sale circular.

                                    2. Last night in the Somerville Market Basket lobsters (don't know if hard/soft shell) were $4.99/lb

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                                      1. re: ysb

                                        Any of the local restaurants reflecting the lower prices yet?

                                        1. re: ysb

                                          The live lobster at all the asian supermarkets in Dorchester are $4.99/lb this week.

                                          1. re: joebloe

                                            C Mart in Chinatown had them at $4.49/lb this week..nothing very large..

                                        2. Oxford wholesale lobster in oxford ma is selling hardshells at 3.99 per lb me and my wife just bought a few over the weekend. i havent seen the low price at my local market basket...the lowest ive seen from market basket here was 5.99

                                          1. I like to buy my lobster from the lobsterman, Chris Manning, that sets up shop at the Quincy Farmer's Market on Friday. The past few times I've bought from him was $4.99/lb and they were all hard shells and ususally have bigger size lobsters at either 5.99 or 6.99. Along with rock crabs and lobster meat.

                                            The lobsterman's wife runs the stand. His order line is 781-925-3842 if you want to leave a message for big or special orders.

                                            Great guy! I support the lobstermen by buying directly from them.

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                                              Do you know if they have an off-season site? The lobster vendor for the Milton farmers market is from Situate, and is excellent, but out of the way for me in the winter. Very good value during the market season.

                                              The quality at the Rockyneck fish market in the East Milton Marketplace has been consistently very good, selling for $6.99/lb for hard shells currently.

                                              1. re: chowfamily

                                                I believe he does but I had a conversation with him the beginning of the season so I don't remember all the details. I believe he is in the south shore area also.

                                                Just give him a call.

                                            2. I recently got 10 culls for $40 at Manchester Lobster Company in Manchester MA. Total weight was about 15lbs.