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Oct 24, 2008 12:29 AM

Junior’s Taco Truck in Los Banos

Homeward bound from Fresno and wine tasting in Madera, I turned off the main drag in Los Banos in search of the downtown. What I found was Junior’s Taco truck, parked in the lot of El Amigo Market #2 (same address and phone painted on the truck).

Even though I wasn’t really hungry, this was the shiniest and most spotless catering truck that I’ve ever seen, and I had to stop and check it out. It was quite busy mid-afternoon on a Sunday. Here are the photos of the truck,

From the looks of that polished chrome wheel and clean tire, I imagine that this truck never drives off the lot.

Tacos come in two sizes; I ordered three small ones @ $1.25, one each of carnitas, cabeza, lengua with everything. The truck is so shiny and polished, you can see the reflection of my taco plate in this photo.

All three were quite good. The carnitas were the soft style, buttery tender in fact, with no browned edges, but still had good depth of porky meatiness. The cabeza and lengua were tasty too if a bit too wet and draining liquid on the plate. The steamed tortillas were fresh and tender, and the green salsa was hot enough to make my nose run.

The truck is located across the railroad tracks and one block east of the Wool Growers Restaurant.

Junior's Tacos truck
740 G St, Los Banos, CA

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  1. Melanie--

    this looks like a great meal or snack stop for our trips (101, over Pacheco Pass to 33, and up 5) to NorCal.

    Looks to be about 10 miles east of the 33/152 junction at the base of San Luis Dam? About the same distance as Wolfsen's in Gustine is off 5.

    Lengua tacos.....must try these. Any other menu information?

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    1. re: toodie jane

      Sorry, I didn't snap a pic of the menu, since my photo-taking was clearly making the people uncomfortable. I recall carne asada. The list was reasonably long, so I bet all the usual suspects carne-wise are available. I was a little suprised that there was only one type of salsa (green) on my tacos. I'm used to green salsa on lengua, but often red is used for cabeza or carnitas, if available.

      1. re: toodie jane

        It would be 7-10 miles going east from the 5, off the 152. (take 152 E towards Fresno from the 5) I'd say time wise it's a bit closer than Wolfsen's off 5 (because most of your travel is on highway)

      2. The carne asada tacos and burritos are also excellent!!!! Especially with a side of hot carrots.