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Oct 23, 2008 09:04 PM

Best Burger??

I've lived in NYC for 12 years and I'm still confused by this. Some people say Corner Bistro other people say that's awful and I've promised a friend visiting that I will find the BEST burger.


(added points if the fries are also amazing)

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  1. Walker's in Tribeca, you can get either fries with it or homemade mashed potatoes. FAB! JUICY! OHHH, BABY!

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    1. I like Corner Bistro (the beer-soaked smelling floor is a turnoff, though - not easy to enjoy their magificent burger), I LOVE Walker's in Tribeca but yesterday i went to Paul's on Second Avenue between E7th & 8th Streets was darn gooooood AND it was pretty peaceful and not packed so I really enjoyed watching the guys work the grill behind the counter and my $5.00 burger.

      Note: If you go there, "splurge" on a kaiser roll for your burger as another 'hound suggested I makes ALL the difference!!!

    2. Here we go... In NYC, this is as controverisal a topic as the Death Penalty.
      Second only to the "who has the best pizza" feud.

      What floats your boat?
      Is it size? Fixin's? Grade of beef? The sear?

      Obviously this is going to be subjective and will take into account not only your palate, but also the experience you have while you are in the establishment.

      I also like Corner Bistro, Walker's, Fanelli's, and especially Burger Joint (hiding in the corner of the Parker Meridien hotel on 56/57th St. ) But that's not an exhaustive list.

      1. My favorite burger is at Brooklyn Diner - Amazing, just look at the attached photo. Bacon, cheese, fried onions, buttered grilled brioche bun. Just a great grease bomb albeit pricey ($17) and fries aren't great. Here's a link to my review:

        Houston's delivers the best burger fry experience in the city and they never mess it up. I know it's a chain, but its an upscale chain and it's just awesome. Always. Ribs are also incredible there. I recommend a burger/rib split.
        Here's a link to my review:

        1. Donovan's in Woodside has one of the best burgers in NY. The fries are pretty good too!

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            Sad to report that Duffy's has gone downhill here in the forgotten borough... thought it was just me but my dentist confirms that others have been complaining. It's a small island.

            1. re: Flaco

              What and where is Duffy's? I am talking about Donovan's Pub, a Woodside institution for about 40 or 50 years. I had a burger there in July and it was great.

              1. re: chefstu

                Duffy's is Staten Island's Donovan's... just a great unpretentious place on Forest with a tiny kitchen that broils lump shaped patties served on English Muffins. Unfortunately, the burgers recently seem to have gotten less flavorful... different cut of beef being ground? Seasoning? Hard to figure.

          2. An ordinary, plain burger that's greasy, juicy and just plain satisfying: Steve's Coffee Shop, 162nd Street, block off Northern Blvd., Flushing, Queens.