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Recommended Discoveries at Pomegranate?

Looking for recommendations of foods that you may have discovered and enjoyed in Pomegranate supermarket - from take-out, cheeses, baked goods, unusual food products on the shelves, etc.

Thanks very much!

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  1. Their fresh, homemade mazerella! Love it!

    1. They have a crumb pear kugel that is quite good.

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          Can you please be more specific about what a neopolitan is?
          Thanks very much!

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              Well, neApolitan is the official name of those three-flavor boxes of ice cream, with the stripes of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, but I've never had one of those that was particularly exciting.

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              whoops! (sorry, mommy brain)
              I meant the Napoleon, a layered pastry with custard and a yummy chocolate/coffee flavored top.

          1. I bought Romesco Munstarella cheese the other day. It came presliced in a foam tray. My husabnd liked it melted into an omelet. I'm not sure if I'll buy it often- it was $15.99/lb.

            1. 1. Chocolate-flavored granola mix.
              2. Honey-Roasted peanut butter found in the coffee bean section.
              3. Pepper-crusted mozzarella cheese

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                We tried challos from their bakery this past Shabbos. the appearance was outstanding but the taste was only average. They have a bigger selection of cholov yisrael gourmet imported cheeses than anywhere else

              2. I found sugar free grapefruit ices that are amazing. Also their sugar free cakes and cookies are very good.

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                  My husband's grandparents loved the sugar free cakes we bought them. They looked really pretty, and like the real thing.

                  1. Now that Pomegranate has been around for a while, I thought I'd bump this up again.
                    Still looking for things you've discovered and enjoyed at Pomegranate.
                    Thanks again!

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                      I really enjoyed their cheese anti-pasta. Also, their sausage was nice. Not to spicy, and not to much filler.

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                        This is TOTALLY splitting hairs, but this a foodie web site...
                        It's spelled ante-pasta (before the meal, not against the meal)

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                          it's actually spelled antipasto or antipasti from wikipedia-- Antipasto, or antipasti, means "before the meal" and is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal

                    2. can someone tell me (if they remember the next they're at Pomegranate) if they carry an Osem Chickaree coffee substitute (I think it;s actually made in France and shipped to Israel) . we've only seen the product in Israel. a couple of friends have told me they'd try and get it in Israel for us, but I'd like to save them the trouble

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                        we saw homemade bleu cheese dressing, all varieties of dried fruit, mitoku asian products

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                          was there yesterday-they had varieties of mozarella-ciligiene, Bocconcini and antipasta-mozarella balls with herbs in oil; kosher tic tacs, kosher hubba bubba, large selection of mitoku Asian products, dried fruit incl dried kiwis, lots of other cheese, homemade tomato sauce, blue cheese dressing and more.