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Oct 23, 2008 08:14 PM

La Pupusa House, new salvadoran restaurant- Livermore, ca

I'm so excited to find a salvadoran restaurant near Pleasanton (awash in a sea of mediocre mexican and other ethnic restaurants) , where I live FINALLY.Located next to a 24 hr fitness on railroad ave in livermore, this is one of the best salvadoran restaurant that I have been to. I went here for the first time tonight. It's a tiny restaurant with only two ladies working there.There was a very long wait, because the customer in front of us ordered around 20 pupusas to go. I could here them slapping out pupusas and tortillas in the back. I got a revueltas pupusa (bean, cheese, chicharron) and it was GREAT. SIightly crisp on the outside with brown patches, a thin masa shell, and a generous filling. This was a large one too--around 6-7 inches in diameter. For my meal, I ordered a sopa de pollo (the sopa de gallina, a type of "criollo" (as she explained it) bird, probably free range) with tortillas hecha a mano. The soup was immensely satisfying, with lots of chunks of chayote, potato, carrot, noodles, and a large bone in piece of chicken, and part of a chicken liver (more appetizing than it sounds). It was in a huge steaming bowl with a deeply flavored broth with black pepper, ginger?, and cilantro. It came with the two handmade tortillas, thick, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I also got a chocolate caliente (en agua) which was pretty good. My only complaint was that the curtido was a little tough. The salsa roja was good though. There were quite a few customers for such a small place, and the people working there seemed overwhelmed. If you're in the area, you should go.

1550 Railroad Ave
(between P St & S St)
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 443-1268

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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing! We're always looking for a good pupusa. And, this will help answer the questions about where to eat in Livermore and the Tri-Valley.

    1550 Railroad Ave, Livermore, CA 94550

    1. Visited last week - the pupusas were very good. I had the revueltas pupusa and the queso con rajas pupusa. The Pupusa plate is not a good deal (5.95) as it includes 1 pupusa (2.75) pus a small amount of rice and beans (mixed together) and a couple bites of slaw. I would rather have 2 Pupusas...
      Nice to have a new good and interesting option in Livermore

      1. I tried out this place for the first time and boy were you right !! I think it is THE BEST Salvadorean restaurant ever !! I always have to drive to San Francisco for pupusas. Now, I can stay in town and enjoy even better than San Francisco pupusas. I am so excited to see this place in town. They definately have great potential. I had their beef soup and pupusas. The soup has 3 cuts of beef and different mayan vegetables. This is a very generous portion so it is enough for 2. The quality of their pupusas is excellent- very homemade. They seem to have improved on the curtido, since they make it fresh on the premisses and add pacaya ( mayan veggie ). For dessert we tried their platanos with sour cream. We also took some tamales to go, great breakfast item. The horchata ( beverage )is also the authentic one. I have not had an authentic one in years. Usually most places have the Mexican version, which is the rice drink. Also very good but the Salvadorean is the best and rare to find. I will definately become a repeat customer. We did have a little wait, because the place was packed !
        You should go...enjoy.

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        1. re: Kevin W

          Doesn't pacaya make the curtido bitter? What sort of veggies were in the soup?

          Just had my first shrimp pupusa. Will need to stop by La Pupusa House and try their version ... and the mushroom pupusa.

          I haven't seen envueltos before.

          Interesting 'About' section on the website. I learned the second I learned the Salvadorean government declared the second Sunday of November "National Pupusa Day". It is also the first restuarant I know of using Skype. There are coupons on the website too.

          Thanks for the update.

          1. re: rworange

            Hello rworange,

            The curtido does not taste bitter at all with the pacayas. Pacayas do tend to be bitter, but not on their curtido. Give it a shot ! Shrimp Pupusas ? Wow ! I have to try those ! I also heard from a coworker their whole fish is excellent.
            Good luck ! Let me know how your shrimp pupusa was.