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Oct 23, 2008 08:06 PM

Northern California dinner train recommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences to report about any of the northern California dinner trains? I am thinking about making reservations on one for our wedding anniversary in late November. We live in Sacramento and are not too far from any of them. Thanks.

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  1. I've been on the Napa Valley Wine Train - once was enough - I don't recommend it. It's not about the food, it's about being stuck on a train with two seatings and not much to look at, especially in the evening.

    1. you might try the Sunset Dinner Train in McCloud. Not cheap, about $100 per person, but food is good and views are lovely.

      1. I agree with Nancy, the Wine Train was not worth it for us either. I can attest to the views of the Skink Train, but not their meal service. We had a dinner trip booked for the River train but the locomotive broke down the day of and our trip was cancelled. We have yet to reschedule, but I can give two thumbs up for their customer service. Happy anniversary!

        1. I don't like dinner trains. If someone has had a great experience, I'd love to hear it.

          I did take Amtrack once ..and overnight trip. I am not a huge Amtrack fan but I must say, the dinner we had that night was very good..with candlelight and all.

          We took the snow train (Amtrack) to Reno once and that was fun. We brought our own food and wine picnic and sat in the observation car. Had a blast!

          1. I found the Sierra Dinner Train in Oakdale to be less expensive but a wonderful time. It is about an hour east of the Bay Area near Modesto. We heard about it on the Food Network.