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Oct 23, 2008 08:04 PM

pot roast

So, the age old question? Debate between husband and wife?

We have a 5 # chuck pot roast and need to prepare it for the husbands boss tomorrow night. The cut of beef we have says chuck roast it looks like a boneless rib roast -it is BIG.
Our debate is wether to roast it whole (and for how long) or to cut it in half and roast it "normal". Any help would be very appreciated

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  1. Technically it is too big for 3 or 4 people but one of the purposes of pot roast is leftovers. Is it tied with a string? That's the kind of roast I usually choose for a pot roast. Next, for pot roast I dust with flour and brown on the stove before putting in a crock pot. Add 1/2 cup of water. More water will come out of the roast during cooking so you should have plenty for gravy. I leave on low for 6-8 hours. When you are serving company I think it is better to err on the side of generous than to serve a skimpy, diet appropriate meal. If the boss is a big eater he may eat two to three servings. Since pot roast can be fatty, some people leave the fatty pieces on their plate. Just make sure you understand that a pot roast is cooked with water in a crock pot or on top of the stove and not roasted in the oven dry like a "roast".

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      We just had pot roast the ohter night and make it just like dfrostnh. The OP email makes me think that roasting it is an option? I've never made a pot roast in the oven...
      Our piece did seem like a large piece to begin with, but there was a decent amount of fat (we trim that after cooking but before we bring it to the table).
      Potroast leftovers are one of my favorites, especially for work lunches the next day...the meat, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, carrots....yum.
      Now my mouth is watering,

    2. A pot roast that size would not fit in my crock pot....

      So I would recommend making it in a Reynolds Oven Bag. Recipe and photos below. So simple, just add more liquid to it than this recipe calls for. I would add maybe a cup of red wine to it for some zing.

      1. I second (third?) what dfrostnh said, but I've always done my pot roast on the stove. Put it in a large Dutch/French oven to brown, then add some liquid, and cook for a few hours. Add some carrots and new potatoes 45-60 min. before you're done (or aiming to be done). :)

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          Inspired by this thread, as well as the rain we've had all day, I'm making a pot roast tonight. I have a 3 lb chuck roast that I dusted in flour and browned in a large French oven. I then added a chopped onion, 2 whole cloves of garlic, some thyme/rosemary/bay leaves, chicken stock, and a bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest ale, as well as a little rosemary salt and pepper, brought it all to a boil. I then put the lid on and lowered the heat. It's been cooking a couple of hours now, and I just added about 1/2 lb of carrots in large chunks and some potatoes that have been cut into large hunks. It's all now happily cooking away (or I'm happy that it's cooking) and making my house smell great.

        2. I actually do make my pot roast in the oven...but in a dutch oven. Not by a dry heat roasting method. Sear on stove top, Prepare braising liquid in pot, add meat back, and pop in the oven for a few hours at 275(a 5 lb roast is going to take some time).

          I like to make it the day before so I can chill overnight and easily de-fat the liquid to make the sauce.

          I don't cook with the vegetables I plan to serve with the roast(though I do add some carrots, onions and garlic the braise). I prefer to glaze the vegetables separately with some of the braising liquid from the cooked roast.

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            I have a oven roast that requires no water. I am interested in making it with vegetables and perhaps in the crock pot.The instructions mentioned to refer to www.BeeftisWhatsForDinner, but I didnt find much help.