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Oct 23, 2008 07:58 PM

You knock over a glass of wine...

Happened to me recently...You are with a group of friends and someone in the party gets very excited during a discussion and knocks over a glass of wine...some of us have been there...the immediate embarrassment etc...then we all make excuses for that person...It's o.k... The house always seems the rise to the occasion, cleans up no questions asked...Is it a no fault situation? Would love to hear your experiences...

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  1. I wish I had a dollar for every glass of wine I've knocked over. I should just paint my apt with it and be over it. It's always embarrassing at first, then you just clean it up and move on.

    1. At my restaurant, if someone knocks over a glass of wine, we clean it up, no questions asked. We do our best not to embarrass said customer. If it's from a bottle of wine, we will just pour another glass from the bottle. If it's a wine by the glass, generally, we will replace th glass free of charge.

      What else could a restaurant do? Point and laugh?

      1. Most places I've been to, the waitstaff will quietly clean the spill, if the person orderd by the glass the house will replace it at no charge, at that point I'll increase the tip for the kind gesture, and if it's from a bottle, the waitstaff will get a new glass and pour from the bottle. I've even seen some places re-set the table if the stain is large, what more could a customer want.

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          Party fouls carry no penalties in my book...having fun, wild arm gestures, things happen...the only time I got really red faced was when a friend, (that had 3 too amny martinis) sent a glass to the floor with a swooping arm gesture, house replaces her problem. 20 minutes later she did it again...told the server, "do not replace that drink!" but even that just ended up being more funny than embarrassing.

        2. What's the question here?

          1. i broke a glass at someone house who was hosting dinner. It was a very crowded living room and my arm gently brushed it. i was so embarrassed i wantetd to cry.
            i ended up sending the couple 2 reidel glasses (cheaper ones) because i felt so bad.