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Oct 23, 2008 07:33 PM

Indian Food in Memphis?

What's your favorite Indian restaurant in Memphis? Its not been something I've eaten lots, but suddenly I'm addicted. Send me in a direction.

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  1. I've eaten at Mayuri on Quince several times, and have always enjoyed it. I'm kind of new to Indian too, so I just asked the waiter for recommendations, and it was really good!

    1. I really like Mayuri as well. There are a couple more I enjoy too. I can't believe I can't remember their names, but I'll tell you where they are. The first is in Overton Square right across from Paulette's and Le Chardonnay. It's faces Madison but you can park behind in the big parking lot by Theatre Works and Playhouse on the Square. My husband and I enjoy that place very much. The second is out in Cordova on Germantown Parkway. It's in the strip mall at the intersection of G'town Parkway and Dexter. Hope this helps! Sorry I can't recall the names.

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        Had lunch at Mayuri yesterday. It was really good, thanks to both of you for the recommendation. I noticed just yesterday that the Indian restauant on Hack's Cross has changed names. It was Swagath, now its Woodlands Vegetarian Indian..have to try that one, too. I think the one on G-town Parkway is Bombay House...haven't been there either

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          I can vouch for Woodlands - good lunch buffet and a great selection of specialties in the evening.

          Focus is Southern Indian. Variety of dosas and uthapas.

          Can't vouch for the authenticity from my own experience, but a couple of my friends from Chennai seem to like it!

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          The one at Overton Square is called Golden India, G-town Road is called Bombay House, I believe.

        3. Indian food in Memphis leaves a lot to be desired. I think i've tried all of the restaurants and my ranking is:

          1. Bombay House in Cordova (G'town Pky at Dexter)--get the tandoori chicken saag
          2. Woodlands on Hacks Cross- I keep meaning to go for dinner. Have only had the buffet, but it was good.
          3. Golden India on Madison in Midtown.
          Mayuri is ok, so is India Palace. There was a place out in collierville, but I think it has closed. We went to India Fest at the Agricenter this past weekend--wish some of the home cooks there had restaurants!! I am partial to home cooked food, regardless. (I make my own, but i have a lot to learn.) Good luck--if you find something better, please let us know!