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Oct 23, 2008 07:28 PM

New Bar Burrito Richmond Hill - Neg. Review

Bar Burrito opened up recently on Commerce Valley - Next to Hero burger. This was my first visit to Bar Burrito so I can't compare the quality with the North York location but I wouldn't consider going again.

First, service was mediocre - I'm usually okay with that since it is a fast food place but they weren't very happy and friendly. In fact, they looked disgruntled and I got there before the major lunch time rush.

I had the steak and chicken burrito - asked for no sour cream and guac. Burrito still came with sour cream. I was anticipating yummy burrito because it had a slightly toasty browning.

First bite, got dough, fine thats the end of the burrito. Second bite was alright - alot of lettuce and tomato. It got progressively worse. It was cold in the middle! Probably cause they scooped the rice, beans, and meat from trays warmed over water. The processed cheese shreds just sat in clumps inside the burrito. Second, it was so spicy that I couldn't even taste anything - only can feel the burning sensation. They offered mild, medium, and spicy. I asked for medium - it was more spicy spicy! I've had AND enjoyed burrito boyz with jalepenos and their hot sauce - so I wouldn't say my heat tolerance is that poor. Also, with burrito boyz, you can still taste the different flavours....mmm burrito boyz... I'd rather save my money and wait for a day when I head downtown to enjoy a good burrito from burrito boyz...

Oh, and while I was there, I saw some girl buy a canned drink then complain that it was expired...they just opened within the month, how can their stuff be expired already?

Blah...never again..

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  1. I had a chance to go to Bar Burrito tonight, though, I'm wishing I didn't.

    I love tex-mex, so it's rare for me to find a burrito I don't like. But, Toronto definately does not disappoint with the poor burrito selection (though, it IS better than the past).

    Bar Burrito (BB) - Chicken Burrito, hold the beans, hold the salsa (for fear it comes from a jar - and also not a fan of liquidy burritos).

    The chicken is grisley (sp?). The counterperson didn't know (upon asking) if it was white meat. Having had very good chicken at Z-teca not long ago, I decided to go for it. UGH. gristly, but not as much as burrito boyz. i don't want to bite any hard chunks!

    The toppings are even worse. Both the lettuce and tomato are CLEARLY manufactured for subs. In fact, I do think the lettuce and tomato is EXACTLY what is at mr. sub. So, kinda has that 'bagged lettuce' smell.

    There are no green onions. WHY WHY WHY.

    So, basically, the technique is like the Boyz - they roll and then grill both sides.

    So, the technique is good. The meat, is fair (I have faith in their ground beef, lol, how hard can that be?) and the toppings are enough to keep me away forever.

    I love Burrito Boyz despite the line up). The toppings and proportionsa re the best.
    Chipotle is a close second, with better meat, but not as many topppings and they have a major tendancy to liquify a burrito with the amount of salsa and SC they put on.

    Zteca was SO close. Their rice tasted like air, and while I like air, I also like mexican flavoured rice.

    Anyways, BB ends up faaar below all three of these places. Don't bother.

    1. Seeing as how there are not many Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants or fast-food places in Markham or Richmond Hill, I was pretty excited when Burrito Bar opened. I went once last year and was left with a decent impression of the place.

      But I just went again last week and I thought it was TERRIBLE. First off, the service was incredibly disappointing. The two people behind the counter seemed miserable and failed to inform me and every customer after us of the lunch specials. I didn't realize what kind of lunch specials were available until I had a chance to sit down and look at the posters on the door. The burrito was way too spicy for my liking, even though I ordered a medium spicy burrito. The tacos were nothing special either. Just a lot of lettuce....bleh.

      The entire time I was eating, I kept thinking how I wasted my money on this place. I can forgive the too-spicy burritos and too-bland tacos, but it was the crappy service that really ruined my experience. I will NEVER go back there again. I would rather drive downtown or up to Port Perry for some Mexican food.