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Oct 23, 2008 05:58 PM

How much does a half-decent bottle of wine cost in Paris?

I'm taking a trip to Paris next summer, and was wondering how much a half-decent bottle of wine would cost. I'm not looking for anything mind blowing, or that will amaze me, just something relatively cheap, but good.

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  1. for about 20-30euro, you can find really good wine from smaller producers (have a look at places like "La Cremerie", "Au Verre Volé", "La Muse Vin" to find bio-organic wines)

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          I would most likely be buying from retail.

        2. Maximilien's estimate of 20-30 Euro is about right, in my experience. (I think halfway decent bottles in the US are available for $12-20 in NYC, if that gives you a point of comparison for what I consider decent.) You can actually purchase French wines for about the same or less in the US, since the VAT ups prices so much on products sold in France.

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            You can, however, find many very inexpensive appelations available that are seen less in US. Was in shop yesterday in one shop, small shop near my apartment, they had four different Madirans all 4 or 5 years old, with the best only 11€. In supermarkets, can get quite servicable stuff, better than plonk for 4€ up. Excellent beaujolais are routinely inexpensive, both in shops and restaurants . They serve a brouilly at Chez Denise at 25€/liter that is

          2. Go to the Julhes cheese and wine shop on the rue du Fbg St Denis. Along side the 1st growth clarets and scarily priced burgundies they sell lots of more reasonably priced wines (from 4 euros up). Often, on Fridays and Sundays, the winemakers will be their to let you try them.
            They have a very good Corbières 'Le Pompadour', which at 7 euros and 90 cents is a steal.