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Oct 23, 2008 05:57 PM

St. Louis Style Pizza w/Provel cheese in Phx

Any place besides Frashers Steakhouse in Scottsdale that serves authentic St. Louis Pizza w/ Provel cheese?? If any of you Hounds have been to Frashers can you chime in?


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  1. Being a St. Louis native...I am expert on all things provel....and I have not seen it served anywhere else but Frashers. I know that Uncle Louie's pizza serves up St. Louis style toasted ravioli's, as does Frashers....but I think Frasher's may be it for your St. Louis Style Pizza fix. You can also order all the fixings for st louis style pizza and have it shipped to you...including provel from Imo's Pizza. http://stlouisstylepizza.stores.yahoo...

    1. OK...I'll bite. What's St Louis Style Pizza? Tks!

      (Haven't been to Frasher's so can't really help...just curious).

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        Saint louis style pizza is characterized by these main things:

        1) Ultrathin (cracker thickness) crust
        2) Provel cheese - this is a processed white cheese, very difficult to findoutside of St Louis, which melts at a low temperature - it's made of provolone, cheddar and swiss - like an "american" cheese processed cheese. It has a unique texture on top of a pizza - not stringy like mozzarella, but kind of gooey. It sticks to your teeth when hot,
        3) the pizza is cut into smallish squares - no bigger than about 3" x 3" because the thin crust will collapse if the pieces are too big.
        4) There is a hint of italian seasoning and the light application of pasta sauce is on the sweetish side. The toppings are usually left kind of chunky so they pop up out of the molten pool of gooey cheese.

        You haven't lived until you've had an Imo's bacon, mushroom, onion and olive pizza. :-)

        The big local chains that specialize in this kind of pizza are Imo's (said to be the originator) and Cecil Whittaker's. There are lots of smaller restaurants that have this pizza as well, Talayna's is popular.