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Oct 23, 2008 05:40 PM

Fells Point on Halloween

My husband would like to see all the craziness in Fells Point on Halloween. Fine, but I'd like some civilized dining beforehand. Is Meli's a good choice? I'd love to do Peters or Henningers, but neither take reservations, I understand. Plus, it would be nice to try something new. Any ideas?

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  1. Defintely go to Meli. It's a lovely restaurant with very good, reasonably priced fare. You could also try Mezze (owned by the same people as Meli). Lots of small plates to share--very good baby lamb chops, salads, Mediterranean-type food. FoiGras

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      Visit a canton restaurant, then make the nice stroll from canton to fells for more action, and action along the way!

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        Meli's it is. I've made reservations for two so we're good to go. During the course of my research, I discovered a scotch bar in Fells Point. YUM! Looking forward to heading there first if it ain't too crazy. I think the place is called Birds of a Feather. Thanks for your recommendation.

      2. Just warning you, FP is insane on Halloween. I mean crazy. I know a few years ago my sister was working at Mezze (Meli's sister restaurant) and it was packed all night. You may def want to make a reservation for Meli. Also have them park the car, there is NO parking to be found on Halloween.

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          Like, what do you mean "insane". Is it going to be so packed on the streets that we will hardly be able to walk? Or do you mean "crazy" as in all the people in their costumes misbehaving? My husband has always wanted to people watch down there for Halloween, but I myself am a little worried. We will likely be walking there and taking a taxi back. We live in Federal Hill area. Thanks.

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            I've heard that even getting a taxi in Fells Point is a challenge on Halloween night.

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              Good to know. Thanks. If all else fails we'll be able to walk. In fact, maybe we should get on our bikes...yah, that might be the ticket.

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              Not to speak for Carey, but I live in the near vicinity, and on Halloween Fells Point is both "insane" in that the streets are packed and "crazy" in that people are in costume and misbehaving. Personally, I purposely avoid the area that night. But then, I don't have a high tolerance for that sort of thing. I have friends who love it. It's all what you and your husband like and are up for.

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                Fell's on Halloween is best described as amateur night. Tons of drunk younger people (most over 21) wandering around in their costumes. Broadway is closed, but it's not packed so much that you can't walk. Perfect people watching early in the evening before everyone gets too drunk and the inevitable fights break out. Usually, if you're out of there by 11 or 12 you'll have seen all of the better costumes and not too much drama. If you've never been, get dressed up and head down for an interesting night.

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                  Thanks. I imagine we will be back home no later then 11:00pm. We can barely stay up beyond 10:00pm. So this means that hopefully this won't be too bad and it will get the whole idea out of my husband's system.

                2. re: nyawira

                  yes to both. ive been a few times but its crazy. id probably recommend NOT eating in fells and ten going tere after if you want to people watch.

                  1. re: jes

                    Maybe the water taxi will work that late to get you to and from Federal Hill.

                    1. re: chowsearch

                      Absolutely--a great idea and beautiful ride. FoiGras

              2. Alot of the streets in Fells are blocked off on Halloween night, and if you are in the vicinity without a costume, you could become the target of ridicule or even a fight. Even the homeless people in Fells wear some kind of halloween shirt on this night to avoid the crowd and their fury-especially since it falls on a weekend night this year.